Flexus balasystem

The Flexus Balasystem industrial baler wrapper

I read today of a new contract between Enva and Andusia Holdings Limited for the export of 20,000 tonnes of waste wood to be used to generate steam and energy at a waste paper plant in Germany. And I wondered if the UK wood recycling/biomass sector is even aware that a FLEXUS BALASYSTEM AB industrial […]
Gigabaler customer appreciation

Customer appreciation for the Strautmann GIGABALER

I visited one of our customers this afternoon at a distribution centre in the Midlands. The site operations manager couldn’t say enough good things about our Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH unique and patented GIGABALER. It sits off a standard loading dock door and is fed from an internal waste conveyor producing beautiful 550kg bales that they […]
Strautmann Baletainer

Clothing retailer upgrades to Strautmann BaleTainer

Our Compact and Bale service team completed this installation recently in Nottingham. The customer is a well known clothing retailer generating 1000s of cardboard clothing boxes each day from their pick and pack operation. For some years they’ve had one of our Durapac closed end semi automatic balers but as their business has grown, so […]
Comppact and bale highest quality refurbishments

Compact and Bale quality refurbishments

Compact and Bale have an enviable reputation for the highest quality refurbishments! Our workshop and service team really do care and are proud of their work. And they do a noble job indeed.. They bring victory from tragedyThey turn old into newThe turn back time, reset the clock They produce the finest RECYCLED RECYCLING MACHINERY! […]
Strautmann BalePress53

Where is all my cardboard?

“What have you done with all our cardboard?? Where’s it all gone?…. this shed is usually full of the stuff every day! Now there’s just this weird machine that looks a bit like The Tardis….” Maybe we should rename our Strautmann BalePress53 waste cardboard baler, ‘The Tardis’….it does hold some 10 plus m3 of empty […]
Automatic baler for bulky cardboard waste

Bulky costly cardboard waste?

Does your business generate really large, bulky cardboard waste like cardboard pallets, octabins, bicycle boxes or photocopier boxes? How difficult and costly is waste like this to handle and send for recycling? We’ve seen clients filling artic trailers, 40 yard skips, hiring in dustcarts and paying for 1,000s of hours of labour each year just […]
bales of cardboard

What does waste say about your business?

Are you fed up looking at mess, loose packaging, skips, bins, bags etc? Are you just waiting for that slip, trip or fall by one of your staff (and the resulting claim)? Does dealing with waste take as much time as dealing with work? Do you gulp (and get ready to lie) when your clients […]

Hope for our future!

Is our glorious waste and recycling sector feeling beaten down, afraid and despondent? Definitely not! From all the innovation, positivity, success, investment, expertise and hope that I see in our industry, I believe we have a key part to play in Great Britain’s future! As British businesses find their new shape, they will be looking […]

Is waste polystyrene filling up your skips with fresh air?

Waste polystyrene filling your skips and costing the earth? Fed up with minimum tonnage charges? Want to spend less and recycle more? The KBM Styropactor Maxi EPS compactor compacts up to 90kg of waste EPS per hour into briks weighing 250-350kg per m3, that we buy for recycling. It’s fully galvanized, on castors and can […]
Worker placing cardboard into a baler

Does baling your cardboard really save you money?

Cardboard baling saves you money right? That’s right. We’re getting paid £10pt for our bales and we’re saving £125pt disposal That’s good…how many bales do you make per day? 2 bales every day And they weigh? 400kg each So 800kg per day, 7 days a week? Yes, 5.6t per week So that saves you £700 […]
Compact & Bale’s CB44 semi-automatic/horizontal baler with photo cell and hopper.

O2 Arena & Bywaters choose Compact & Bale Horizontal Baler

The O2 Arena which hosts concerts from the world’s top stars and elite sporting events continues its investment into its sustainability in partnership with Bywaters Waste Management. Bywaters who are based locally to the O2 at Lea Riverside, first met Compact & Bale at the London Excel Facilities Show in 2017, where the firm’s equipment, […]
Newly refurbished L&M N Range Compactor now available for hire.

Refurbished Compactor Fresh Out Of Workshop – For Hire

Newly refurbished L&M N Range Compactor now available for hire. This hugely capable machine has been known to compact payloads in excess of 12 tonnes, however will be restricted to the road legal limit of 12. Final payloads are subject to waste type so appropriate questions and guidance will be given for any enquiries raised. […]