Screw compactors process difficult waste materials, cardbord pallets, pallets, compact pallets and compact products. Screw static compactors.

Technical data:

Overall length: 2,460 mm

Overall width: 1,660 mm

Total weight: 2,300 kg

Loading height: 1,350 mm

Loading opening (L x W): 1,375 x 1,490 mm

Screw diameter: 750 / 500 mm

Screw speed: 17 RPM

Driving power: 15 kW

Electrical data:

Permanent connection

Fuses: 63 A slow to blow

Ground-fault circuit interrupter: Type B / 300 mA

Specialist builds are available if you require pallet compactors, wood compactors or for product destruction.

Screw Compactor SVS Range

Process difficult materials and have confidence in product destruction.

Ludden & Mennekes’ SVS range of static screw compactors are high quality German built machines that are particularly effective at crushing and compacting heavy-duty cardboard articles and even bales, paper, plastics, one-way pallets, crates and wood, returned goods, dough, foods and other hard to handle waste materials and where a measure of product destruction is required.

The SVS models offer static compactor high performance, small dimensions and low maintenance. They compact into closed “roll-on-off” compactor containers that are exchanged when full leaving the compactor operational at all times.

The SVS comes with a choice of 11kw, 15Kw or 18kw motor rating, pre-full and full warnings, auto-reverse when full and direct drive geared motor. With its freely programmable PLC and central greasing system the machine is ideally suited to continuous operation. As standard the machines have continuously welded seams (which prevent corrosion) and are CE and GS approved.

Feeding can be hand, bulk tipping, hydraulic tipper, chute or conveyor and a range of force-feed devices are available to assist with loading difficult materials.

Our competitive pricing enables clients to invest in world class German manufactured machinery that is built to last a lifetime.

Standard scope of supply:


  • Control cabinet, including control unit in compaction direction on the right side

  • Remote control

  • Operating hours counter in the control cabinet

  • Freely-programmable PLC control

  • Automatic central lubrication system with electronic monitoring

  • Times can be set

  • Automatic reversing with full message

  • Frequency converter

  • Surface painted including corrosion protection class C3

  • On / Off main switch (lockable with optional padlock) on the control cabinet

  • Fault / Reset illuminated push-button (red) on the control cabinet and the remote control

  • Emergency Stop push-button on the control cabinet and the remote control

  • Screw On / Retour rotary selector switch on the remote control

  • 75% full indicator lamp (yellow) on the remote control

  • 100% full indicator lamp (red) on the remote control

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