Refurbished Compactor Fresh Out Of Workshop – For Hire

Newly refurbished L&M N Range Compactor now available for hire.

Newly refurbished L&M N Range Compactor now available for hire.

This hugely capable machine has been known to compact payloads in excess of 12 tonnes, however will be restricted to the road legal limit of 12. Final payloads are subject to waste type so appropriate questions and guidance will be given for any enquiries raised.

The machine comes with a 1100 litre bin tipper and enclosed charge-box. The lid opens as the bin tipper raises and closes as it returns to prevent easy-access. We can add a locking option to prevent unauthorised access for unsecure sites or locations at risk of fly tipping.

Newly refurbished L&M N Range Compactor now available for hire.
Refurbished and as new


The oscillating steel scrapers and maintenance free, fully guided press head reduce wear problems, waste build up and cleaning therefore reducing labour, breakdowns and repair costs.

As standard all L & N model portable compactors have 34 tonne compaction force, a very quiet running hydraulic pump, high quality steel compaction chamber floor, surface lacquered finish (including corrosion Protection Class C 3), continuously welded seams (which prevent corrosion) and are CE and GS approved. This particular refurbished model has a side hung door, with 3 clamps and seal to provide additional capability and prevent leaks.

Cycle time: 55 seconds

  • Front hook- Very quiet running hydraulic pump generating < 63 dB(A)
  • Timer for regulating the operating time of the compactor
  • Oil level and temperature control
  • Pressure control gauge with stopcock
  • Oscillating steel scrapers below the ram
  • Rollers equipped with greasable bronze bushings
  • Compaction chamber floor made of high quality steel S 355
  • Ratchet locking mechanism on the discharge door
  • Surface lacquered in corrosion Protection Class C 3
Huge chargebox for large volumes of waste
Huge chargebox for large volumes of waste. Bin tipper is still to be re-attached in this photo.

Consider this option if:

  • You currently have 7 or more 1100 litre waste bins emptied per week
  • 1 or more FEL/RELs emptied per week
  • Have waste that is wet in nature, or can have an offensive odour
  • Want to streamline your operation, reduce manual handling of waste & free up man hours
  • Reduce your impact on the environment by disposing of your waste by the most efficient means by significantly reducing the number of waste collections on site
  • Want a simple and straight forward solution for your waste
  • Require a fully maintained compactor
  • Have had issues with unexpected costs as a result of third party hauliers damaging your compaction equipment on collection and thus would like indemnity for the collection process
  • Already have a portable sealed compactor in place but require a streamlined maintenance arrangement, with engineer devices interlinked with helpdesk to provide effective asset management. Servicing & maintenance ticket history, full breakdown of works, photos and videos accessible when required.
  • You would benefit from significantly reducing your costs, improving your environmental sustainability

To enquire please email or call 07720 823430