​​Technical data:

Container volume: 20 m³
Compactor dimensions (L1 x W x H): 5 .580 x 2.500 x 2.600 mm

Filling opening: 1 .170 x 1.720 mm
Filling height without rollers: 1.530 mm
Compaction system: self-cleaning ram
Compaction force: 370 kN/37 to
Ram face pressure per m²: 357 kN/30 to
Penetration of ram: 325 mm
Ram height: 300 mm

Hydraulic data:

Self-regulating hydraulic valve block
Power pack situated in the container
Hydraulic tank: 60,0 l
Hydraulic pump: 14,6 cm³/min-1
Cycle time: 17,1 sec
Volume per stroke: 1,0 m³
Theoretical volume per hour: 210,0 m³

Electrical data:
Motor rating: 5.5 kW
Power connection: 5 x 6 mm² - CEE plug 32 amps

Hydraulic Components:

Motor: Rosen/Lammers
Pump: Bosch-Rexroth
Valves: Bosch-Rexroth
Control block: Buschjost


Specialist Food Waste Compactors

Self cleaning compaction ram with optional drainage taps

Ludden & Mennekes’ RPK type range of sealed food waste compactors are high quality German built machines designed for sites with medium to large volumes of wet waste but without sufficient floor space for larger compactors. They are collected for disposal by hooklift or skip lorries and typically hold 8 to 12 tonnes of compacted waste. Using a unique self-cleaning scoop action ram the RPK is specifically designed to compact wet, food and organic waste.

Available with a choice of seven integral container sizes between 14 and 26m3, the RPK food compactor offers high performance, small footprint and low maintenance. Requiring no permanent fixings, the RPK can be sited on tarmac, block-paving, rough ground, etc.

The self-cleaning scoop action ram is operated by hydraulic cylinders mounted high in the sides of the machine. This design completely avoids any possibility of waste and liquids building up behind the ram and so removes the need for unpleasant cleaning and the risk of expensive breakdowns and repairs.

As standard all RPK compactors have a ram face pressure of 37 tonnes per m2, a fast 17-second cycle time, a very quiet running hydraulic pump, high quality steel compaction chamber floor, surface lacquered finish (including corrosion Protection Class C 3), continuously welded seams (which prevent corrosion) and are CE and GS approved. They are offered with a choice of side or top hung rear door, rubber seals to prevent leaks and optional liquid drain-off valves.

Our competitive pricing enables clients to invest in world class German manufactured machinery that is built to last a lifetime.

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Wet Waste Compactors

Food Waste, Liquids? No Problem!

​​After Sales Support

Our servicing, breakdown and collection services are managed effectively through our 24 hour helpdesk.

Full ticket history, compliance and auditing requirements are met through this system, providing unrivaled support for our customers.

Certain models of our equipment can also talk remotely to our helpdesk, so we are aware of machine faults potentially before our clients!

For more information please see our helpdesk and national servicing & breakdown pages below.

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