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AutoLoadBaler Impact on Waste Management in Food Production

In today’s world, sustainability is a key concern for food production factories who generate cardboard waste. Efficiently managing this waste not only helps the environment but also brings substantial cost savings. One solution that has…

Retail Successes: The Power of Collaborative Waste Management

When a shopping center collaborates with a leading waste management and commodities handling partner, the advantages are substantial: ✅️ Streamlined Waste Management✅️ Cost-Efficiency✅️ Diversified Revenue Streams✅️ Reduced Operational Costs✅️ Enhanced Operational Efficiency✅️ Alleviated Vehicle and…

Compact & Bale Sees Third AutoLoadBaler Installed at Contract Candles

Compact & Bale (C&B), a renowned company specialising in cutting-edge recycling solutions, has been awarded a contract to supply their ground-breaking AutoLoadBaler machine to Contract Candles Portsmouth, an esteemed British family-owned manufacturer of candles and diffusers known…

What is a Manual Rubbish Compactor?

Manual rubbish compactors require physical pressure to be applied by hand to compact waste and make it easier to handle. Here we will explore what uses a manual compactor has, highlight the dangers present when…
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Baler Consumables: What’s on Offer?

The key benefit to balers is the money-saving aspect of dealing with a high quantity of waste at one time or at a consistent rate. To ensure that your baler operates smoothly and effectively, it…

How Buying a Compactor Could Save Time & Resources

What could your waste and recycling business do with the time and money saved on 312 driver hours and 156 journeys per annum? This is exactly what Kent’s leading independent waste and recycling business, Countrystyle…
Back view of the grey CB65X baler. Two bright green panels can be seen at the back of the machine to the right.

What is the Best Baler for Bad Weather?

When you have work to do but it’s pouring with rain, the last thing you need is to be standing stock still outside, soaked from head to toe, loading a vertical baler with a small…

Our Compactor Range: A Breakdown

In this post the range of compactors that Compact & Bale stock will be detailed and broken down, providing a better understanding of such machines and outlining the problem-solving capabilities they offer, as well as…

Cardboard Balers for Sale Near You

We have a range of cardboard balers to suit your needs, delivered directly to you. To gain a more accurate insight into exactly how long it would take from purchase to delivery, feel free to…

How Do You Bale Cardboard?

With the range of cardboard balers we stock, the optimal way to create a bale stays relatively consistent. In this way, as long as you know how the process works, baling cardboard can become second…

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Estimated Weekly Volumes

Based on a 50kg per m3 material density
Visual Size Guide
1100L bin
55kg approx.
8 yard skip
300kg approx.
16 yard skip
600kg approx.
40 yard skip
1500kg approx.