Already a helpdesk customer?

Our portal allows your business and operational team to see all tickets, either live or closed with your full account history across the UK.

Get real support, from the best in the business.

Live Updates

With our internal management systems and efficient processes, you will always  be kept up to date with the latest news regarding your services and repairs.


On your customer account you will be able to access all contracts, service agreements and reports – as well as all documentation, licenses and insurance.


On system has the option to automatically notify by SMS or email, providing flexibility to choose how we keep you notified of tickets and updates.


Talk directly to our service department via the live chat in the customer portal during business hours. All conversations will be logged for you on your account.


Did you know ... ?

Equipment innovations allow certain models of our equipment to automatically raise tickets on our helpdesk, which in turn will remotely notify you. Our aim is to ensure that upon notification, we are already working on a solution or have resolved the issue by the time you have found opportunity to look at the problem.

These systems are designed to significantly improve customer experience and provide complete peace of mind.

Engineer Alerts

Our engineers receive tickets and alerts automatically on their mobile phones and devices which allow them to divert to a local breakdown or immediately respond without the input of office based staff.

Our engineers can update tickets on their ETA, upload and photos of the issue when on site and provide the details of resolution. The ticket will be closed following review from the companies management team.

Service Level Agreements and ticket priorities are set based on agreement with our customers.