Why Choose Compact & Bale?

We collect approximately 10,000 tonnes of material per annum saving and earning our clients millions of £s each year.

Dedicated account manager

Our account managers are your voice, making sure your every need is met. Having a dedicated account manager helps us to learn more about our customers so that we can be proactive with our service.

24 hour help desk

We operate a 24/7 online helpdesk when our offices are closed. This enables us to respond to your requirements with our out-of-hours service or first thing on our next business day.

Our Waste management services

Our team are true waste experts who will work with you to devise a comprehensive waste strategy in line with your organisational and operational requirements.

Setting your immediate short & medium term objectives, providing analysis, bench marking and performance updates
Advising on any positive changes that can benefit your operation, labour requirements, power use, waste performance improvements and reductions in associated costs
Assisting with reviewing and installing control measures on site
Producing submissions and supporting evidence for industry awards where our partnership has shown excellence in waste management
Producing data and reports that advise on diversion from landfill, incineration and confirmation of recovery and recycling rates and its positive impact on the environment
Supporting with the training and the development of your operatives

Waste Collection Services

Baled Commodities we purchase

As a registered waste carrier and broker we also provide commercial collection services for general waste, DMR, food, glass, wood and other recyclables, from wheelie bins and FELs to skips. 

Making the right choice

Our waste collection services are safe, regular, reliable and efficient.

Choosing the right options and disposing of waste efficiently can help your company save and earn money at the same time. In over 20 years of working with organisations of all shapes and sizes, we have repeatedly seen clients that previously had no segregation, planning or process achieve up to a 90% reduction in their waste! 

Responsible, effective waste management doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. In fact, it often ends up being profitable!

After one of our “better businesses” waste assessments and the use of our “automate to save” waste compactors and balers, our customers regularly tell us they win back 1000s of hours and save 1000s of £s every year!

Why not act today and find out more?

Our services are nationwide, so contact us now to see how we can help your business.

Recovered Materials White Papers

Did you know... ?

Compact & Bale can offer specialist waste removal such as Hazardous Waste and Secure Destruction of confidential information.

Speak to our team to learn more.