Does baling your cardboard really save you money?

Worker placing cardboard into a baler
Worker placing cardboard into a baler

Cardboard baling saves you money right?

That’s right. We’re getting paid £10pt for our bales and we’re saving £125pt disposal

That’s good…how many bales do you make per day?

2 bales every day

And they weigh?

400kg each

So 800kg per day, 7 days a week?

Yes, 5.6t per week

So that saves you £700 and earns you £56 a week…how much labour do you use to do that?

8 hours a day

56 hours a week then?


At what rate per hour?

£15 in the week, £22.50 at the weekend

So 40 hours at £15 is £600 and 16 at £22.50 is £360…that’s £960 a week. What about the baler rental?

£50 a week

£1,010 a week then…where’s the saving?


One more question…if I gave you back 56 hours labour a week, what could you earn with it?

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