So how does it work?

The AutoLoad Baler Saving Thousands Over Standard Vertical Balers

The Autoload Baler(®)

More time for your core business, less time for compacting cardboard. Save £60k per annum!

The AutoLoadBaler(®) is a unique and patented cardboard compaction machine, designed to reduce labour costs and allow staff time to complete other tasks instead of loading and waiting whilst standard balers go through their cycle. This particular cardboard baler is proven to save up to 4000 hours per annum and is particular suited as a warehouse baler, for retailers and manufacturers.


No pre-shredding or folding is required as the cardboard compactor automatically fills after the pressing procedure is started, making it a fantastic and effective tool as part of any cardboard recycling strategy. There is no waiting time for staff and a second cart can be filled at any time.


Strautmann cardboard balers easily produce mill size bales up to 450kg with a cycle time of just 37 seconds. Thanks to the high bale density, fewer consumables are needed and the effort and time for tying bales is reduced with clear and easy bale tying from the front of the cardboard compactor.

The World's Only Automatic Vertical

Cardboard Baler

The standard AutoLoad Baler(®) includes two wheeled carts for collecting cardboard. The material can be collected in the salesroom, storeroom, production area etc. within the collection carts. There is no need to flatten cardboard boxes as they are collected in the cart. When a cart is full, the staff member places it in the entry area behind the cardboard baler, takes an empty cart and returns to work.

The base of the cart is automatically raised forcing the cardboard into four rotors that feed it into the baler for compaction. When a full bale is made after repeated fills (typically around 35 carts worth of cardboard) the bale full light comes on telling the operator to tie off and eject the cardboard bale in the usual way.

See The Autoload Baler(®) in action!

Take a look at how the AutoLoad Baler works in a retail and warehouse environment.

Recent Installations Of The AutoLoad Baler & Cardboard Balers

The Autoload Cardboard Baler in Retail and Distribution
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Autoload Cardboard Baler
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Click here to view the data sheet for the AutoLoad Baler Draht 530kN

Warren Kruger, Harvey & Brockless

“The staff now have time to do other cleaning jobs rather than spending all their time walking to and from a compactor to fill it. The AutoLoadBaler works fantastically well in our business: it’s a great concept."

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