Used Balers

If you don't want the option for the latest innovations from Strautmann or for the capital expenditure of buying or leasing new balers then our used balers or baler hire fleet may be the right choice for you.

We do sell used balers on an outright buy option with short term warranty. Alternative our baler hire includes maintenance and servicing across all of the UK mainland.

Our stock balers include small balers, mid size, mill size and industrial balers including used horizontal balers.

We have many options for cheap balers but they aren't cheap on quality; backed up with national supply of baler parts, baler servicing and maintenance by our in house team of engineers.

If you are looking for a straight forward second hand cardboard baler then we have a large variety in stock including vertical, semi auto and fully auto models.

Most of our hire fleet rental equipment comprises of great Strautmann machines and also part exchanged competitor machines which are fully refurbished in our specialist workshop.

Rental balers are offered as a standard with full warranty for the term. This is a reflection on the quality of machines we stock and the workmanship and professionalism of our engineers and technicians.

Terms & Availability

Our rental and hire equipment can be offered on as short as a 1 year term up to 10 years.

Used balers include:

Small Balers (up to 100Kg bales)

Mid Size Balers (Up to 300Kg bales)

Mill Size Balers (Up to 600Kg bales)

Twin Chamber Balers (up to 4 chambers)

Horizontal Balers

Used Baler Rental

Recent Installations Of Used & Refurbished Balers

Combine used balers with our commodity collection services

We supply the latest waste management solutions which include waste collection services and commodity collections.

Many of our customers when buying a used baler or baler rental also opt for using our national cardboard collection service. We also include other commodities such as baled polythene LDPE films, rigid plastics and more.

This means our customers have access to great Strautmann innovations and waste handling solutions combined with collection services for a profitable full peace of mind arrangement.

Photos of our Used Baler Rentals


Alternative Models & Innovations

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