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We offer one of the UKs most cost effective and sustainable solutions for Polystyrene Recycling with equipment solutions for a variety of producers.


Our customers include facilities management, warehouses, manufacturers, NHS trusts and hospitals, recycling stations, transfer stations, retailers and fulfillment centres.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in its common format is almost impossible to recycle due to its light weight nature; we can therefore supply our customers with EPS briquette machines to reduce the voluminous size as pictured above. We have a number of machine options that cater to small producers up to industrial producers and our pallets of EPS can weigh up to 1 tonne; saving on space on site whilst allowing for greater payloads to be achieved which subsequently lead to even higher rates.


We buy both standard polystyrene EPS and fishbox.


The majority of our customers are looking for the best prices and in these instances, the material destination can change regularly as we move buyers to react in a timely manner to market fluctuations. Material is common recycled and re-used within the UK & EU.

Polystyrene load weight

With collections from as little as one tonne up to 24 tonnes, the denser your briquette, the more you can store, the greater your rebates will be.

Vehicle Size

Vehicles offered vary in size dependent on site requirements and can come as standard with a truck mounted forklift (Moffett) for our drivers to self load.

Documentation and compliance

Full transparency and compliance, our weighbridge tickets and commodity reports are sent out monthly and on request.


Polystyrene Collection lead time

Our collections are no more than five working days. Normally, collections are made by the 2nd to third day.


Our standard payment terms are 30 days and you will be sent a purchase order number following collections taking place. This is to ensure that our customers can keep track of all payments made and never lose site of a load.

We can do self-billing arrangements if required 

Detailed waste reporting

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