Mill Size Vertical Balers

These are the latest Innovations in mill size balers


Introducing The Balepress 53 & 28 models


Space-saving swinging-sliding motion QuickDoor® with an AUTOMATIC opening chamber door on every cycle for a safe and quick filling of the mill size vertical balers chamber.


With a natural movement of the elbow when closing, you no longer need to manually press in any material overspill as the door will push the material in as it closes.

Inclusive of a FAST CYCLE time of 32 seconds, this is, without doubt, the most labour efficient vertical baler on the market.

With an uneven filling of the press chamber overtime, balers can suffer from warped or damaged press plates which are very costly to repair. This issue is resolved with our stable press plate guidance system TopPlus® which supports the vertical balers press plate on the left and right side of the cylinder.


PowerSave® energy-efficient control of the press plate on every cycle provides a 50% saving on energy use VS all other balers that utilise single pump systems.


Only 4kW of power per cycle, these features provide huge savings on power over the machine's life. That's thousands of cycles x an average 4kW saving!

The bale is tied ergonomically friendly and fast whilst the door is open.

One of only two balers on the market that wire tie from the front without requiring rear access, reducing space and significantly cutting bale tying times.

Integrated Strap & Wire Hooks.jpg

In addition to the above, the press plate has an integrated strap or
wire channel that ensures an easy, comfortable and fast bale tying process, especially with the quick tools provided!

Use our quick-link wire for quick snap-tying, rather than manual tie cut & loop wire!

The press plate compacts the bale with full power for a specific time. Therefore high bale density and bale weights are reached.


With pressure control systems like all other balers, in contrast, the press plate immediately moves up. This results in bale re-expansion and is a particular concern with materials that have a lot of memory, such as if baling films


The hydraulic door lock controls the re-expansion forces of big bales.


A separate cylinder opens the door under full control and slowly so unexpected opening is avoided, reducing the risk of injury.

Integrated down-holders prevent material reexpansion inside the chamber and ensure a higher bale density.


Safe bale ejection by a hydraulical ejector which has a long lifetime due to a separate bespoke cylinder.

The Strautmann BalePress 53 & 28 are a high-quality mill size baler.


Designed to be the safest, fastest and easiest vertical baler to use on the market.


Both the BP28 & BP53 vertical baler models have a large chamber of 1192mm wide x 575mm high for large or high volumes of recyclables.

Available with a dual pressure switch to allow for a business to bale both cardboard and polythene with the one baler machine.


With a 54 or 28 metric tonne press force these mill size balers produce:


Euro-pallet size bales (1200 x 800 x 1200mm)


Weighing up to 450kg.

As an example, you can use either model for cardboard, polythene and other materials but due to the difference in material density, you could achieve similar bale weights using a BP28 for film and a BP53 for cardboard; providing the most innovative duo at a lower cost.

Additional Benefits of these mill size vertical balers

Maximum Rebates

24 tonne UK lorry loads achieved

Easy to use

Bale full indicator for uniform bales

Push-button controls

Two-handed control for safe bale ejection (no manual handling)

24/7 Support & Our 24/7 Helpdesk

 Diagnostics for quick fault finding to keep you operational

Safe Operation

 Safe bale door latch system & interlocks to prevent access

Flexible machine placement

Internal or external installation

Space saving design

Size 2000L x 1180W x 3160H (2250H for transport) mm

Power requirement
400V, 16A, 3 phase + e + n, D Type Breaker

Wire or strap tied options available

Guaranteed long working life (in excess of 15 years) when maintained by our engineers, subject to guidance. Representing true value for money compared with the budget range verticals that have flooded the UK market. 


Our mill size balers are developed and produced in compliance with the latest safety regulations and are sold in over 62 countries around the world... giving you complete confidence!

See Our Vertical Mill Size Baler Innovations In Action...

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Looking For Other Vertical Balers Or Refurbished Options?

If you aren't looking for the latest innovations and or new baler machinery, we do have an extensive refurbished fleet available.


These machines include servicing and warranty to provide complete peace of mind ...minus the great innovations!

Process cardboard packaging and film recyclables like PET, aluminum, plastics and much more with the Balepress vertical range which includes small and mid-size models. 

If you require a larger vertical baler or for rigid hard plastics, visit our Industrial Balers page.

Buy Our Vertical Balers & We'll Buy Your Waste...

Combine with our national collection service and we will pay you market leading rates for your recyclables. Most of our customers equipment is offset with revenue on their recyclables and many even turn a healthy profit!


​​Don't Worry About... After Sales Support

Our servicing, breakdown, and collection services are managed effectively through our 24-hour helpdesk.

Full ticket history, compliance and auditing requirements are met through this system, providing unrivaled support for our customers.

Certain models of our equipment can also talk remotely to our helpdesk, so we are aware of machine faults potentially before our clients!

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