Compact and Bale quality refurbishments

Comppact and bale highest quality refurbishments

Compact and Bale have an enviable reputation for the highest quality refurbishments!

Our workshop and service team really do care and are proud of their work.

And they do a noble job indeed..

They bring victory from tragedy
They turn old into new
The turn back time, reset the clock


We do a lot of these… you will have seen me post about them before… but hey I’m proud of my team! They do an absolutely amazing job and I’m grateful!

This Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH PP1207, “Battleship Built” mill size baler users 58t pressure, sits in a compact footprint and can compact cardboard, polythene, pp crates or bags etc, for recycling ♻️ all day, every day, for 20 plus years!

She’ll be getting installed after Easter at a paper recycling mill in Kent, for a leading UK waste recycling business.

That’s a recycled recycling machine, going to work in a paper recycling mill, for a waste recycling company!

Does it get anymore environmentally friendly than that?

If you’re a waste co that rents balers and compactors to your customers, paying monthly rental invoices for years, yet never owning the machinery, I dare you to add up all the hard earned cash you’ve spent on equipment hire?

OUCH! – exactly!

Why not look at things differently?

If you buy the highest quality, most reliable, longest lasting machines on the market, you can rent them out yourselves, get your client’s work and their rental will repay your investment.

First you get return of investment, then return on investment!

Or you could just carry on paying rental until you’ve paid for the machine again and again and it still doesn’t belong to you…