Is waste polystyrene filling up your skips with fresh air?


Waste polystyrene filling your skips and costing the earth?

Fed up with minimum tonnage charges?

Want to spend less and recycle more?

The KBM Styropactor Maxi EPS compactor compacts up to 90kg of waste EPS per hour into briks weighing 250-350kg per m3, that we buy for recycling.

It’s fully galvanized, on castors and can be used in or out doors on wet or dry material.

European built for safety, performance and reliability, the Maxi has integral shredding fingers and a patented design to reduce the risk of heat build up and melt downs.

Melt downs are common and expensive to resolve on many makes of machine. Long-term they do costly damage to bearings, motor and gear box.

Due to its unique design and a high quality German SEW gear box, the Maxi will have a long trouble and cost free life.

For businesses generating from 3 tonne of waste EPS pa, a machine will pay for itself within 3 years then save £1,000s pa for decades to come.

Challenge us to do the math for your business!