Where is all my cardboard?

Strautmann BalePress53

“What have you done with all our cardboard?? Where’s it all gone?…. this shed is usually full of the stuff every day! Now there’s just this weird machine that looks a bit like The Tardis….”

Maybe we should rename our Strautmann BalePress53 waste cardboard baler, ‘The Tardis’….it does hold some 10 plus m3 of empty cardboard boxes and it would be a lot less of a mouthful… but the manufacturer would probably send us a stroppy letter and hey it is their brand…

But what really matters is that this machine not only turns rubbish into money, but over its lifetime (25 years plus), it will pay for itself again and again with what it saves in transport and disposal costs… not to mention the cost savings you’ll win through being so much more efficient!

And your green credentials will shine a whole lot brighter!

Strautmann BalePress53