Customer appreciation for the Strautmann GIGABALER

Gigabaler customer appreciation

I visited one of our customers this afternoon at a distribution centre in the Midlands.

The site operations manager couldn’t say enough good things about our Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH unique and patented GIGABALER.

It sits off a standard loading dock door and is fed from an internal waste conveyor producing beautiful 550kg bales that they sell for profit.

“It just sits there chugging away 24/7 no problem”

“It paid for itself well inside a year”

“It pays for all our waste disposal and operatives and still makes a huge profit”

“Unlike other balers and compactors we’ve had, you don’t have to load, wait, load, wait, its just continuous, so it never stops the conveyor feeding it which means our operation never stops either”

“I’d recommend the GIGABALER to anyone dealing with cardboard waste in a distribution centre”

“I’ll gladly show anyone around and recommend you guys, just send them down!”

I offered him a job, he was so enthusiastic!