Market Leading Waste Solutions

Trusted by big brands...

As UK partners for Europe’s leading manufacturers, Compact and Bale provide a comprehensive and full range of innovative compactors, cardboard balers, shredders, wheelie bin compactors and liquid draining machines to some of Britain's biggest businesses. 

Our compactor solutions include a range of market first innovations that don't just provide significant direct environmental and financial benefit but also save on labour with our 'Automate to Save' range.

Sold in over 53 countries around the world, our compactors and balers are of the highest quality and with their reduced lifetime cost, provide the greatest return on investment.

Our focus on waste solutions separates us from the majority of the market as we combine specialist waste handling equipment with low cost, reliable waste collection services. We save customers hundreds of thousands of pounds every year through quality products such as our range of waste compactors.


Our customers see significant recovery of recyclable materials which improves environmental performance and as we provide both fully managed and tailored services our customers see savings across the board. 


We have been diverting waste from landfill for 18 years. Most of our customers also divert their waste from incineration where feasible.


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Quality Waste Compactors

Save big on your waste disposal


Compact up to twelve tonnes of waste and save significant amounts of money.

Our ranges have unique design features not offered elsewhere on the market, providing solutions to a variety of waste streams and problems.

Improve your environmental sustainability with lower energy use, haulage requirements and accurate tonnage data.

Innovative Balers

Automate to Save

Earn more, save more, with our innovative balers.

Our Strautmann balers & 'Automate To Save' range are unlike any other baler on the market.

Saving on space, labour, energy (50%). Providing bigger, dense bales and a number of systems to improve the safe use of such machines.

Patented technology

Waste Management

Increase re-use and recycling rates, improve site processes,

reduce labour requirements, make significant savings

and win awards when you are achieving

more from your waste strategy.


We won't sell you rubbish but we will buy yours!

Where market expertise really matters

Our team regularly trade thousands of tonnes of material both here at home in the UK and for export internationally.

We buy all grades of cardboard, films, rigid plastics, tins and cans, paper and more.

As the only company in the UK to provide a guaranteed packaged solution, our customers benefit from great quality, innovative compactors and balers whilst also having their baled materials purchased at maximum market rates.