The Flexus Balasystem industrial baler wrapper

Flexus balasystem

I read today of a new contract between Enva and Andusia Holdings Limited for the export of 20,000 tonnes of waste wood to be used to generate steam and energy at a waste paper plant in Germany.

And I wondered if the UK wood recycling/biomass sector is even aware that a FLEXUS BALASYSTEM AB industrial baler wrapper will handle their materials with ease?

And being mobile on a hooklift with draw bar and trailer, taking 2-3 hours to set up and running at speeds of 30+ bales per hour, just one baler wrapper could process the out put from multiple sites.

Needing only loading/unloading (often done by the same machine and driver) Flexus machines are predictable, reliable, efficient, low energy, safe, small footprint, long lived and can work on any ground.

They are the world’s leading industrial baler wrapper, used in 46 countries on 5 continents, everywhere from Greenland to The Maldives!

And Europe is hungry for your material…

Baling and wrapping enables efficient handing, storage (you can stack Flexus bales 10 plus layers high) and transport in full trailer loads.

Drop me a message to find out more.

Flexus Balasystem – one machine, many materials, lowest opex, maximum flexibility, fast payback.