Metal Buyers & Collections

All metals, tins and cans


We are partnered with leading UK manufacturers and exporters to ensure our customers obtain the best rates on their metals whilst achieving full compliance and best practice.

Met​als are recycled in the UK and used to create ingots, which are then sold on for use within manufacturing. Reducing the manufacturers reliance on buying virgin materials.

Grades of metal we collect

- Ferrous

- Non Ferrous

- Mixed

- Steel Tins & Cans

- Aluminium

- Loose or baled

Solutions available

With collections from as little as one tonne up to 24 tonnes, we can supply either rollonoff containers, skips or compaction equipment to increase capacity and load weights on site. Greater payloads will always result in much improved rates.

Documentation and compliance

Full transparency and compliance, our weighbridge tickets and commodity reports are sent out monthly and on request.


Metal collection lead time

Our collections are no more than five working days. Normally, collections are made by the 2nd to third day.


Our standard payment terms are 30 days and you will be sent a purchase order number following collections taking place. This is to ensure that our customers can keep track of all payments due and never lose site of a load.

Self billing arrangements available on request.


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