Our Range of Waste Recycling Balers

Creating the best balers on the market through continued innovation

Fully automatic recycling balers are ideal for large producers of recyclables looking to efficiently and easily produce mill size bales.

The BaleTainer® is designed from the ground up and is unlike any other baling machine on the market. Combining fully automatic operation with the latest technology and innovative solutions.

The models unique design allow for concern free loading with it's huge hopper and integrated swing arms, feeding material through in to its press chamber with an integrated rotor system.

The BaleTainer® can be loaded with huge quantities of recyclables by hand, chute, tipper, conveyor or forklift from either ground or dock levels without the need for automatic self sufficient loading systems (such as conveyors).

Load large cardboard packaging such as octabins and cardboard pallets can easily be thrown in without pre-shredding and will be scooped into the path of the rotor.

These models are typically used within manufacturing, distribution, retail, waste stations and recycling operations.

Semi automatic models are suited for mid to large producers of recyclables who don't have sufficient throughput per hour to justify having a fully automatic.

These types of recycling balers are situated within hospitals, shopping Centre's, recycling processors, warehouses, manufacturing, retail parks, printers among other businesses.

Like our fully automatic models, these machines can be fed by chute, tipper, conveyor, forklift and by hand from either ground or dock levels but are restricted on the amount of bales that can be produced per hour and require more labour involvement during their operation.

Producing bale weights from 400kg to 800kg 

All our waste recycling balers are more than capable of dealing with baling cardboard and the best model for a business is subject to many factors.

If you are looking for a model however that removes the labour requirement for filling a machine, then the AutoLoad Baler® is the solution.

The Autoload Baler® is the world's only vertical baling machine specifically designed for baling cardboard. It's unique cart system is dotted around the site or facility close to the point of production, no flattening or breaking down of cardboard boxes is required.

Once the cart is full, it is taken to the machine, placed in the side compartment and at the push of a button the loading process starts. 

This is a mill size model, proven to save businesses up to £60,000 per annum in labour.

This recycling baler is particularly successful in manufacturing, retail and distribution but can operate in any environment producing cardboard.

The PowerPack baler machine range is designed for large producers of difficult materials such as thick dense cardboard, rigid plastics and escrap, films, tins and cans.

This large model has a 58 or 70 tonne press force ram making light work of tough materials. If you are looking for an industrial baler for plastic then the PowerPack range has a reinforced model, this machine also creates monster sized cardboard and film bales.

With its heavy, reinforced body and design features the PowerPack range are the most industrial balers available in a vertical shell.

If you have a requirement for a very industrial baler that produces bale weights up to 550kg - 600kg, yet don't have space or requirement for the loading benefits of a horizontal model, then the PowerPack range may be suitable for you.

Mill size models are ideal for small, medium and large producers of cardboard, pet, tins and cans, films and rigid plastics.

Producing bale weights from 400kg to 550kg, these balers are designed to maximise space on site whilst ensuring you obtain heavy payloads on collection of your baled cardboard, baled polythene and other materials.

With a mill size model you can obtain payloads up to 24 tonnes providing an indicative cardboard rebate of around £100.00 per tonne, collected from site.

All our models are built to last in excess of 15 years, save on energy, labour and have increased health & safety features making them the best value baler on the market.

Mid size waste balers are designed for small to medium producers. This model benefits from the same mill size filling chamber of our larger balers but at a lower cost. This makes it ideal if you have large sheets of cardboard but don't necessarily need the larger bale weight, or are looking to have mixed loads of film and need a baler ideally suited for polythene.

This baler has the same design features as our larger balers but as optional extras, for example a dual pressure switching allowing one baler to be used to bale both cardboard and polythene films. This feature is available in our mid to industrial size models.

This particular baler machine is the entry level when looking to achieve high rates for your baled materials. Producing bale weights of 180kg - 200kg of cardboard and 200kg - 250kg of polythene films.

Baling machines can vary significantly, please speak to us for a tailored solution based on your businesses location and exact needs.

Our Small range models are ideal for tiny producers of cardboard and polythene films. We also have a long stroke model for tins and can baling.

Perfect if you have a very small space for both baler and baled recyclables and are looking to secure free of charge collections, rather than paying for bin and skip collections.

These tiny balers can also be moved around site on a pallet truck and are plug and play with a standard 3 pin socket.

Baling cardboard, polythene, tins and cans from 30kg up to 100kgs. 

Twin chamber models are perfect for small to large producers of recyclables who wish to have a single machine for baling multiple materials.

Bale cardboard, polythene films, PET, tins and cans, rigid plastics or dry waste in the one recycling baler.

Typically installed for organisations with broad waste streams looking to make a significant impact such as hospitals, retail, shopping centres, garden centres and distribution.

This particular waste baler comes in several sizes producing bale weights from 70kg up to 280kg.

If you are not looking for a new baling machine or the latest innovation but rather a refurbished model, then our hire fleet options may be of interest to you.

Our hire fleet machines come with servicing and warranty as standard for the full term, providing complete peace of mind.

The models we supply come in all shapes and sizes to suit a large variety of requirements. All our fleet machines are completely reconditioned in our specialist workshop giving it our quality seal of approval.

We are happy to provide our fleet machines on terms from as little as one year to ten years plus, with rates to reflect.

These options can be very popular as they avoid any significant upfront capital expenditure or lease agreements reliant on good credit standing.

We provide cardboard collections, commodity collections or bale collection services across the whole of the mainland UK.

We collect all commodities including cardboard bales, LDPE film bales, PET bales, rigid plastic bales, paper bales and tins and can bales.

As purchasers of cardboard, polythene, rigid plastics and many more materials, we can collect from as little as 3 tonnes up to 24 tonnes, offering competitive rebates for all your recyclables.


Auto Feeding Systems

Removing all manual labour requirements for feeding the baler with material

Savings of £60,000 per annum

Operative Safety


EN16500 in compliance with the latest safety standards

Wire Tying Solutions

Integrated wire and strap hooks ensure the fastest tying process possible, saving time

Increase Your Bale Rebates


CircleSystem® Integrated down-holders prevent material expansion and provide higher bale densities

Vertical Baler Brochure

Reduce your carbon footprint

PowerSave® provides 50% energy savings compared to competitor single-pump baler systems

Operative Safety


HydroClose Hydraulic door locks to prevent re-expansion of big bales and provides a significantly safer door opening process as the door is opened under control

Reduced Repair Bills

TopPlus® to prevent plate imbalance with the unique guidance system, reducing machine wear and tear

Operative Safety


BaleMatic® Safe hydraulic ejection of bales

Wire Tying Solutions


EasyTie wire tied from the front, unlike any other baler

Increase Your Bale Rebates


Time Control ensures full power bale compaction with the press plate for a specific time, providing greater bale density

Operative Safety & Ease


QuickDoor® Space saving swinging, sliding door with automatic opening for a safe and quick filling process. No more manual pressing of material in to the chamber

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