Fully automatic balers processing up to 2 tonnes per hour

The Strautmann Baletainer is a high quality, fully automatic baler built from the ground up to be unique from any other baler on the market.


Built by our German partners, it benefits from a huge rear hopper that allows you to deposit massive volumes of recyclables without requiring expensive conveyors or feeding systems. This model also resolves a lot of common issues with blockages and backlogs as it can easily handle over sized cardboard articles, cores and octabins.

This automatic baling press can be fed from ground or dock level by forklift, hand, bin or cage tipper, wall/ceiling chute, air extraction system and conveyor.


Loading large sizes and volumes of materials (even cardboard pallets) is safe, quick and easy through the large 1069W x 2134L x 2000D (approx) mm hopper opening.


With 60 metric tonne compaction force (1,580kn/m2 surface pressure) and a heavy duty integral spiked-rotor, the Baletainer produces dense bales of cardboard, paper, polythene film, PET bottles, steel/aluminium cans, TetraPak® cartons, foil juice packs and more.

The fully auto baler press produces:


Euro-pallet size bales (1200 x 800 x 1200mm),


Weighing 500-550kg paper / cardboard bales.


With its massive rear infeed and its suitability for external installation, the Baletainer is uniquely suited to be positioned for off-dock, through-wall and chute fed applications.

If you require a higher throughput machine, please check out our channel baler models below.

  • Proven German manufacturer

  • Heavy duty design, proven long life

  • Suitable for card, paper, polythene, PET, cans, etc

  • Handles cardboard pallets, Tri-Wall boxes, etc

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Card bales up to 550kg

  • 24t UK lorry loads achieved (even on PET)

  • Massive infeed aperture

  • Ideal to be fed off-dock, through-wall and by chute

  • Fully guarded sides and roof

  • GSM messages for factory error diagnostics

  • Safe door latch system & interlocks

  • Internal or external installation

  • Space saving design

  • Competitive pricing

Feed from ground or dock level by forklift, hand, bin tipper, wall/ceiling chute, air extraction system and conveyor.

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