Bulky costly cardboard waste?

Automatic baler for bulky cardboard waste

Does your business generate really large, bulky cardboard waste like cardboard pallets, octabins, bicycle boxes or photocopier boxes?

How difficult and costly is waste like this to handle and send for recycling? We’ve seen clients filling artic trailers, 40 yard skips, hiring in dustcarts and paying for 1,000s of hours of labour each year just to deal with such waste.

Have you even dared calculate the cost per tonne for its disposal?…. we calculated nearly £900 per tonne for one such company…. and until we found them, they were just sucking it up (well, paying it out actually), as they thought there was no alternative.

This patented machine will handle everything you can possibly throw at it when loading by hand, off a dock, through a bin tipper or with a tip skip.

It will process the biggest most awkward and costly cardboard, fully automatically, into easy to handle, 500kg plus bales that we (or others) can buy from you for recycling.

Look at it this way… if you make a 10% net profit, every £10k you put back on your bottom line is like winning an order for £100k… but not having to do any work on it!

Automate to save!

Automatic baler for bulky cardboard waste
Automatic baler for bulky cardboard waste