Cardboard Balers for Sale Near You

We have a range of cardboard balers to suit your needs, delivered directly to you. To gain a more accurate insight into exactly how long it would take from purchase to delivery, feel free to give us a call today and we can provide you with more information. The baler you need will depend on […]

How to Bale Cardboard

With the range of cardboard balers we stock, the optimal way to create a bale stays relatively consistent. In some product pages a video demonstration is available to show you how to load, operate, and unload the baler. You will want to utilise the space within the baler chamber as effectively as possible so to […]
Against a blank background stands the BP18 baler with its door open. The inside of the machine is empty.

Clothes Baler For Sale

A major factor that can be overlooked in the discussion on balers is the extent of just what you can use them for. Of course, the general consensus is that balers are highly useful in the baling of recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper and plastics, and though these materials are a primary reason for […]

Mobile Balers with Generators

What are the possibilities of using a generator to power a mobile baler? With mobile balers comes the ability to take them on the road, perhaps to tour events such as fayres, fêtes or festivals. This portability saves on skip pickup and CO2 emissions as a result of frequent pickups. Through the use of a […]

The Best Commercial Food Compactor

When it comes to compacting food, the types of clients usually looking to buy are those overwhelmed by the amount of waste on their premises. This can extend from coffee shops to restaurants and beyond to festivals where food is thrown away in droves. You may need a compactor that can deal with a high […]
Thetford T4x for Refurb

Used Static Compactors for Sale

At Compact & Bale we offer a range of refurbished compactors. These are located in our site’s ‘remanufactured’ tab which features both compactors and balers. The purpose of this section is to give new life and a new home to old machinery. Take Durapac’s 5030 compactor – a tight machine at around 2.5 metres in […]

Miniature Waste Compactors

Typically, waste compactors are rather large. However, when you’re in the market for a compactor, it’s common to want one that will take up less space than what is typical. This can be due to a number of factors: from not having the space on your site to logistically fit a large compactor, to not […]

How to Choose the Right Waste Compactor

The right waste compactor for you will be different to the right compactor for somebody else. It all depends on your needs. Why do you need a compactor?Our range of compactors differ from one to the next and with so much to choose from, the pressure to make the correct decision, to choose the machine […]
A blue BP28 baler with its door ajar. Within can be seen a compacted bale of plastic with the compactor device rests atop the bale.

Wire Baler Machines

A wire baler machine is that which uses wire to tie up bales, as opposed to those which use straps that tend to be mounted on top or at the back of a baler. Wire can be used to hold the large, heavy bales in place, ensuring they are secure for transportation. This is done […]

The Best Box Compactors

When considering the ‘best’ box compactors, you may think of the compactor with the highest amount of pressure; a compactor that saves on space and time. Here we will take a look at the variety of box compactors we offer, each specialized in different ways to deliver the best service. What matters is what you […]
L&M SPS Portable Screw Compactor

Waste Compactors: What Are the Differences?

The distinction between waste compactors is important when deciding what to use for your business. There are a number of factors to consider and because of this, there are compactors for all needs. But what are the differences? The first thing you may want to establish before looking into compactors is what sort of waste […]

How to Make a Cardboard Bale

Making a cardboard bale varies depending on the baler, although the method is relatively similar across the board. Let’s run down some of the typical cardboard balers and address how to go about creating the optimal bale. AutoLoadBaler The AutoLoadBaler comes equipped with a cart to dispense waste into before it’s loaded into the baler […]