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Static & Mobile Roll Packers

Packmat’s range of mobile roll compactors are designed to compact a wide range of waste types collected in open hooklift containers at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

By reducing the volume of the waste being compacted by up to 80%, the number of containers filled is significantly reduced bringing unparalleled cost savings on transport together with many on site operational benefits.

  • PK311

    Roll Packers

    A roll packer for use on hooklift chassis, the PK311 is mobile by hooklift lorry, and is controllable from the truck cab.

  • PK404

    Roll Packers

    A mobile roll packer, the PK404 can move containers weighing up to 10t, and is easy to manoeuvre on 3 wheels.

Due to its heavyweight roller, twin motors and 58 HP engine (all twice the specification of the competition’s machines), the Packmat mobile roll crusher can be used to easily, quickly and effectively compact aggregates, metals, wood, cardboard, paper, bulky waste, green waste and general waste.

With over 1,100 machines worldwide, Packmat is the original and the best manufacturer of mobile roll compactors.

Roll Packers Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's special about Packmat?

    A common problem at HWRC sites is waiting for a hooklift lorry to come and replace full containers with empty ones. This often causes a backlog and delays for the site as most HWRCs are busiest at weekends and bank holidays when contractors find it hardest to provide pick-ups. With its ability to lift and move full containers weighing up to 10 tonnes, the Packmat enables HWRC managers to be more self-sufficient and able to provide a high level of service to the public at all times.

    At typical hooklift transport costs, any site that can reduce the number of containers it fills by 7 per week will have a cost case for the use of a Packmat roll compactor. Our current range offers a selection of models suited to all applications and sites. Machines are available both for use at single sites (with or without container handling) and for use at multiple sites mounted on a hooklift chassis that is operated from the rear of a standard hooklift lorry.

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Estimated Weekly Volumes

Based on a 50kg per m3 material density
Visual Size Guide
1100L bin
55kg approx.
8 yard skip
300kg approx.
16 yard skip
600kg approx.
40 yard skip
1500kg approx.