Overall Dimensions: 1665mm x 3280mm (width x length)    

Power Supply: 32 amps, 400v 50Hz, (3+N+E)

Control Voltage: 24v DC

Weight (from): 3.0 tonnes

Static Compactors

Ideal for dry waste or recyclables

Keep your costs down and payloads high 

Static Waste Compactors

Our static compactors use 24 - 38+ tonnes of pressure and 250mm+ ram penetration to consistently compact high payloads on a wide range of waste materials. Our models are built to CHEM standards and feature a hydraulically operated “straight-push” ram achieving up to 10:1 compaction ratios (up to 12 tonnes per bin) dependent on the compacted waste materials.

With an integral power pack for easy maintenance, a PLC control for maximum reliability, dual channel safety circuits to meet the highest safety standards and is fully CE MARKED. Our static waste compactors have 5mm thick sides, 10mm thick floor and 10mm blade base all manufactured from S-275 wear-resistant steel. The blade is also fitted with replaceable wear guides. It is specified to IP65 for use outside and has emergency stops, key switch, auto shut off, low oil level cut out, auto timer, ¾ full and full warning lights.

We have a great number of models and bespoke builds, so please speak to us for a site specific proposal.

Static Compactor Specification                   

Compaction Force: up to 38 tonnes

Cycle Time: (Standard) 70 seconds (optional fast 44 secs)

Motor: 5.5 kW

Chem Volume Per Stroke: 1 .37 m3

Chamber Size: 1500mm x 1250mm (width x length)

Specialist Static Compactors

Traversing Compactor Systems

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