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CB1250 static compactor

A fast, effective compactor for every occasion.

Price From: £21,100.00

Rental From: £115.00 per week

The CB1250 is a powerful, workhorse compactor used widely by warehouses, manufacturers, retailers, shopping centres, hospitals, etc. With its large 1250 x 1500mm infeed and choice of 26 or 38 tonne pressures, it is easy to load and compacts maximum payloads on mixed general waste, cardboard, paper, Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR), etc.

Achieving a typical 5:1 compaction ratio, the CB1250 will cut your transport and disposal costs and your carbon footprint!

Key features

  • Easy, safe and fast to load
  • Wide range of loading options
  • Built in power pack with all controls enclosed
  • PLC controlled system
  • Choice of 26 or 38 tonne pressures for maximum payloads and cost savings
  • Robust design and heavy duty construction
  • Built to CHEM specification
Compactor Type
Waste Material
Cardboard / Paper, DMR / Recyclables, General Waste
Weekly Volume

Durapac’s CB1250 compactor is a proven machine that compacts typical 8-12 tonne payloads on a wide range of waste and recyclable materials. Ideal for medium to large sites, it can be loaded from ground and dock level by hand, bin/pallet/cage tipper, forklift, chute, conveyor, air system/extraction or bespoke applications.

It is installed with a wide variety of businesses and organisations including manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centres, councils/civic amenity sites, retailers, shopping centres, hospitals and visitor attractions.

Quality designed and built, this heavy duty, cost effective compactor will operate all day, every day processing a number of tonnes of waste per hour. With its 20 year+ lifespan, it will prove a great investment for any business looking to cut costs, increase operational efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

In Summary

  • Typically reduces waste collection costs by 80%
  • Latest low energy motor/power pack for lowest running costs
  • Designed with maximum operator safety in mind
  • Easy to operate and load
  • Reduced manual handling and risk to staff
  • Streamlined operations
  • Maximum payload on each lift
  • Long life reliability
  • Choice of compaction pressures – 26t and 38t
  • Galvanised hooks and container ratchets
  • Designed and manufactured to EU machinery directives and certified CE compliant

Optional fitouts:

  • Open top hopper for bulk loading
  • Enclosed hopper with interlocked access door
  • Bin tipper for 120-1100L wheeled carts (wheelie bins)
  • Conveyor interfaced hoppers
  • Through-wall chute loading
  • Auto-starting systems
  • Off-line power pack cooling systems
  • Off dock loading
  • GSM modules with performance monitoring & notification system
  • Text and email GSM notification system
  • Guide rail and in-floor plates
  • Rear loading bin lifting options
CB1250-26T CB1250HD-38T
Compaction force @200bar (tonnes) 26 38
Motor power (kW) 5.5kW, 16A 5.5kW, 16A
Power supply 3 PH + E + N, 400v, 50Hz 3 PH + E + N, 400v, 50Hz
Std factory set cycle time 70 seconds 54 seconds
Fast cycle options 44 seconds 34 seconds
Additional power pack options 11-15kW 11-15kW
Charge box volume 1.77m3 1.77m3
Chem volume per stroke 1.37m3 1.37m3
Cylinder bore 125 152
Compactor length 3370mm 3370mm
Width (excl clamps) 1667mm 1667mm
Width (incl clamps) 2645mm 2645mm
Height 1570mm 1570mm
Charge box loading height 1264mm 1264mm
Chamber width 1505mm 1505mm
Chamber length 1250mm 1250mm
Chamber height 904mm 904mm
Compactor weight 2500 2500

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Estimated Weekly Volumes

Based on a 50kg per m3 material density
Visual Size Guide
1100L bin
55kg approx.
8 yard skip
300kg approx.
16 yard skip
600kg approx.
40 yard skip
1500kg approx.