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CB1250SS Short Static Compactor

A small but powerful compactor for even the tightest spaces.

At just over 2m in length, the CB1250SS is specifically designed for sites where space is at a premium.

With its twin cylinders generating 25 tonne press force, its fast cycle time and its large charge box volume, this machine will process high volumes and large items quickly and effectively.

Due to its clever design it is ideal for loading “off dock” or “through wall” by hand, bin tipper, etc.

Key features

  • Very small footprint
  • Large loading aperture
  • Twin cylinder design for maximum payloads
  • Wide range of loading options
  • Built in power pack with all controls enclosed
  • PLC controlled system
  • Robust design and heavy duty construction
  • Built to CHEM specification
Compactor Type
Waste Material
Cardboard / Paper, DMR / Recyclables, General Waste
Weekly Volume

Ideal for sites where floorspace is at a premium, the Durapac CB1250SS will process medium to high volumes of waste and recyclables.

Typical users are hospitals, hotels, retailers, shopping centres, manufacturers, warehouses and distribution centres, as well as local authorities and civic amenity sites.

While its twin cylinder design makes it ideal for confined spaces, its 30 tonne press force and optional 44 second fast cycle time enable high throughputs and maximum payloads.

As with all Durapac static compactors, it can be loaded in a wide variety of ways but with its infeed hopper being directly at the machine rear it is particularly suited to “off dock” and “through wall” applications.

In Summary

  • Small footprint ideal for confined spaces
  • Rear feed design particularly suited to “off dock” and “through wall” loading
  • 30 tonne compaction force = maximum payloads
  • Easy, safe and fast operation
  • Proven over 30 years of supply
  • Quality design and build for long working life
  • Fast return on investment
  • Latest low energy motor/power pack
  • Built to CHEM and CE standards

Optional fitouts:

  • Open top hopper for bulk loading
  • Enclosed hopper with interlocked access door
  • Bin tipper for 120-1100L wheeled carts (wheelie bins)
  • Conveyor interfaced hoppers
  • Through-wall chute loading
  • Auto-starting systems
  • Off-line power pack cooling systems
  • GSM modules with performance monitoring & notification system
  • Text and email GSM notification system
  • Guide rail and in-floor plates
Compaction force @200 bar 30t
Motor power 5.5kW, 16A
Power supply 3 PH + E + N, 400V, 50Hz
Standard factory set cycle time 70 seconds
Fast cycle option 44 seconds
Charge box volume 1.77m3
Chem volume per stroke 1.37m3
Cylinder bore 100 x 2
Compactor length 2090 mm
Compactor width (excluding clamps) 1667 mm
Compactor width (including clamps) 2645 mm
Compactor height 1570 mm
Infeed loading height 1290 mm
Chamber width 1505 mm
Chamber length 1250 mm
Chamber height 930 mm
Compactor weight 1750kg


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Estimated Weekly Volumes

Based on a 50kg per m3 material density
Visual Size Guide
1100L bin
55kg approx.
8 yard skip
300kg approx.
16 yard skip
600kg approx.
40 yard skip
1500kg approx.