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CB58 Semi Auto Baler

The CB58 semi auto baler is ideally suited for businesses that produce large volumes of recyclables that require large hoppers.

Key Features

  • Easy, safe and fast to load
  • Readily accepts large size/volume materials
  • 750 x 1100 x 1450mm bale size
  • Makes 24 tonne payloads
  • 50 tonne pressure
  • Maximum revenue for bales
  • High cost savings in logistics and staff labour
Bale Weights
400kg - 500kg
Material To Recycle
Cardboard / Paper, PET Bottles / Drinks Cans, Plastic / Film
Weekly Volume

The Durapac CB58 is a fast, easy to load, versatile baler, designed for large commercial, industrial and manufacturing baling operations.

Weighing 7.25 tonne in standard fit out, it is quality engineered and designed for a 50,000 hour working life, even in the most demanding industrial baling operations.

It’s low loading height and large in feed aperture allow efficient loading of materials such as cardboard, soft and hard plastics, PET bottles, aluminium and steel cans, TetraPak®, paper trim etc.

Using a full stroke ram and 4 horizontal ties around its 750mm bale height, it is particularly effective at baling difficult materials and makes dense, square edged bales. It can be loaded from ground and dock level by hand, bin/pallet/cage tipper, forklift, chute, conveyor, air system/extraction, or bespoke applications.

In Summary

  • Save labour costs with faster loading and fast running cycles
  • Save space, time and money and use less baling wire with high density bales
  • Make square edged bales that are easy and safe to stack and store
  • Reduce power consumption and costs with our high efficiency power-pack design and motors
  • Gain maximum rebates and minimum transport costs with mill quality bales
  • Robust, heavy duty design, quality engineered for a long life
  • Proven with over 30 years of manufacture and 100s of installations
  • Vertical (Portcullis type) hydraulic end door
  • Full eject of each bale makes changing materials easy
  • Bales up to 500kg
  • Fast cycle time of 36 seconds
  • Low energy motor
  • High and low pressure baling modes
  • 4 wire horizontal tying
  • Hardox floor and press plate base
  • “V” shaped serrated, chamfered shear blades
  • PLC control and error diagnostics
  • Enclosed power pack and control panel – weather and vandal proof

Optional fitouts:

  • Bin Tippers for 120-1100L wheeled carts
  • Fast cycle options from 54-36 seconds
  • Range of power pack (15-22kW) and motor options
  • 5 wire horizontal ties
  • Text and email GSM notification system
  • Custom hopper design and fit out
Bale size (H x W x L) 750 x 1100 x 1450 mm
Bale weight 550kg (dependent on material)
Feed opening 1350 x 1050 mm
Power supply 11kW, 40A
Motor power 3PH + E + N, 400V, 50Hz
Noise level 80 d BA
Wire tying 4 tie slots (horizontal)
Baling wire holder STD
Bale counter and hours run feature STD
Compaction pressure 50t
Standard cycle 54 seconds
Fast cycle 38 seconds
Overall length 6407 mm
Overall width 1650mm (excluding hopper)
Weight 7,250kg


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Estimated Weekly Volumes

Based on a 50kg per m3 material density
Visual Size Guide
1100L bin
55kg approx.
8 yard skip
300kg approx.
16 yard skip
600kg approx.
40 yard skip
1500kg approx.