What Are the Best Box Compactors?

When considering the ‘best’ box compactors, you may think of the compactor with the highest amount of pressure; a compactor that saves on space and time. Here we will take a look at the variety of cardboard box compactors we offer, each specialized in different ways to deliver the best service. What matters is what […]
L&M SPS Portable Screw Compactor

Waste Compactors: What Are the Differences?

The distinction between waste compactors is important when deciding what to use for your business. There are a number of factors to consider and because of this, there are compactors for all needs. But what are the differences? The first thing you may want to establish before looking into compactors is what sort of waste […]

How Do You Make a Cardboard Bale?

Making a cardboard bale varies depending on the baler, although the method is relatively similar across the board. Let’s run down some of the typical cardboard balers and address how to go about creating the optimal bale. AutoLoadBaler The AutoLoadBaler comes equipped with a cart to dispense waste into before it’s loaded into the baler […]

What Are the top Dos and Don’ts of Baler Safety?

Balers are designed to be easy to use, cutting down on technical jargon and long manuals with diagrams for a thousand buttons. At the end of the day, if you’ve employed the use of a baler for your business the odds of taking a large amount of time to pour over lengthy instructions are slim […]

Space-Saving Balers

When it comes to saving space, a baler can be a top priority for those looking to cut down on waste volume. But what about when you don’t have much space to spare in the first place? You may need a baler that’s more discreet – one that does what you need of it without […]

What is the Best Compactor to Buy?

The best compactor for you depends entirely on your needs and the needs of your business. You wouldn’t buy a large skip compactor if you were working from home; equally you wouldn’t opt for an in-bin compactor for a large construction site. In this way, what is best is circumstantial. Let’s say you work out […]

What is the Best Commercial Cardboard Compactor?

When it comes to choosing the right cardboard compactor for you, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. For example: How much cardboard are you producing per week (or even per day)? How much free floor space do you have? Where are you situated? Take the Model L roro portable compactor […]

What are the Best Small Balers?

Our small sized balers are made to bring about a sense of order and control. Though not totally up for the job of baling tougher objects – such as mushroom trays, which tend to need compactors – they are adept at handling plastic film, cardboard and paper. The aim is to cut down on skip […]

What Are the Best Plastic Balers?

There are a range of plastic balers to choose from. Of course, what is best for you depends on your needs and what type of plastic you’re disposing of, which is where we can help. There is no reason to purchase or hire a baler that can hold up to 400kg in waste if your […]

What is a Self-Compacting Container?

The term ‘self-compacting container’ refers to a compactor with a hydraulic press that is able to apply a tremendous amount of pressure to waste, reducing frequent skip collection and reducing CO2 emissions as a result. These machines tend to discourage scavengers, reduce rodent or insect infestation, cut down on bad odours, prevent windblown trash, as […]

What is the Best Compactor for an Office?

In busy office environments, recyclable materials can pile up. There may be excess paper, plastic, and cardboard that needs disposing of. With all this to keep on top of – frequent skip or bin pick-ups, rearranging materials to fit into bins – it can have an effect on the output of work you actually need […]

Looking to Buy a Baler?

There are a few elements to consider when buying a baler. You need to determine the reason you’re looking to invest in one, how much space you have on your premises, whether it is more economically viable to rent a baler on a weekly basis, or to buy one outright. A big factor to consider […]