What Are the Best Box Compactors?

When considering the ‘best’ box compactors, you may think of the compactor with the highest amount of pressure; a compactor that saves on space and time. Here we will take a look at the variety of cardboard box compactors we offer, each specialised in different ways to deliver the best service. What matters is what you need from a compactor.

Let’s say you have a high volume of boxes piling up throughout the day but due to a busy environment and tasks that need completing, staff and workers have no time to break boxes down into flat states. Your best bet is a compactor with a wide infeed chamber to chuck whole boxes into. The Model N roro compactor from Ludden & Mennekes is at a great advantage in this way. Through the use of powerful twin cylinders and a straight push ram, boxes of all sizes can be loaded into the compactor with no worrying over how to place them to maximise effectiveness; the ram takes care of the rest with a 42 second cycle time that ensures no waiting around and no pile-ups of unnecessary waste, which also offers an added advantage if your compactor is outside and the weather is bad.

Another compactor adept at performing these requirements is the CB1500 static compactor: its large 1500 x 1500mm infeed provides a wide berth for big boxes and a wide range of loading options for sites with awkward or hard to access environments. With its robust design and heavy-duty construction, the CB1500 has a choice of 26 or 38 tonnes of pressure which may come in handy if you have particularly tough boxes.

Although, ‘best’ for you may call to something completely different. Your ideal box compactor may be one that uses less energy and cuts your carbon footprint significantly. In an increasingly environmentally aware world and as crackdowns to lessen emissions rise, the SVS “Electric Drive” static screw compactor boasts a CO2 saving 50% cut on energy use, operating with an electric drive to run quietly without sacrificing on a wide infeed or pace of compaction. This compactor takes up a fair bit of space, ideal for large construction sites or areas where boxes build up to a high degree and can be hard to keep track of.

Then again, with these large compactors dominating space, you may be after something that does the complete opposite yet still delivers on effective box disposal. The CB1250SS short static compactor comes in at just over 2m in length with a 25-tonne press force, making light work of high box traffic and cutting down on staff labour hours spent breaking down and loading boxes into a small infeed aperture. This compactor’s small carbon footprint means less energy expenditure without sacrificing the ability to dispose of large boxes fast!

With such a wide array of different models on our website, finding the right box compactor for you has never been easier. Simply filter for your required specifications to get the best results.