Miniature Waste Compactors

Typically, waste compactors are rather large. However, when you’re in the market for a compactor, it’s common to want one that will take up less space than what is typical. This can be due to a number of factors: from not having the space on your site to logistically fit a large compactor, to not producing enough waste to warrant the purchase of one. In this article, we will be taking a look at our range of miniature waste compactors and comparing them based on their individual features and what environments they might be best suited to.

Perhaps you’re simply looking to reduce the volume of waste piling up in your wheelie bins (this can be a common problem throughout a busy week). In that case, you may opt for a small compactor that deals in just that. Strautmann’s MT240 is made to reduce residual waste in bins by up to 85%, cutting down on disposal costs and maintaining cleanliness across your site. This compactor is relatively discreet, measuring at just under 2 meters in height and around 60 centimeters in width. The advantage here is that if you operate on general public waste pickup services, nothing needs to change with regards to disposal.

The other in-bin compactor in the Strautmann range is the RC1100. Coming in at a little under 2 meters in height and just over 1 meter in width, this compactor is a neat little space-saver with a high performance, reducing the typical waste volume by around 85%.

Regarding static compactors, the Durapac CB1250SS is a short model that makes a big difference. With a 30-tonne press force, this machine is ideal for medium to high volumes of waste and recycling materials, leaving a small footprint so as to fit into confined spaces, meaning it can easily be loaded “off dock” or “through wall” either by hand, bin tipper or any other means you may have.

Although the capacity and power of those larger compactors cannot be completely matched in the smaller models, these miniature compactors are incredibly handy at reducing the overall waste of a site and saving money on waste collection.