How Could a Generator Benefit a Mobile Baler?

What are the possibilities of using a generator to power a mobile baler? In this article, we will explore the many benefits and uses of a generator in this way, as well as the optimum environments for such a combination of machinery.

With mobile balers comes the ability to take them on the road, perhaps to tour events such as fayres, fêtes or festivals. This portability saves on skip pickup and CO2 emissions as a result of frequent pickups and all round it becomes a more convenient method of waste disposal.

Through the use of a generator, the possibilities for mobile balers are far reaching. It would mean that the baler wouldn’t need to be plugged in to any mains outlet – perfect for outdoor events with little accessible power sockets, or in the event of a power shortage or shutdown in a given area. A generator could also afford more power to a smaller baler, helping it to operate at peak performance at all times.

You may find that in a large space such as a warehouse, you need a baler in the centre in order to cut down on the time it takes to travel from one end of the facility to the other. A small baler with a powerful generator can then become the beating heart of the warehouse, allowing for ease of access and more time saved on foot traffic – especially handy where in the middle of a given space such as a warehouse, access to mains outlets can be scarce.

Strautmann’s range of mini balers make light work of hefty materials. With a generator, these can last to deliver reliable high performance in remote areas without the risk of running out of power. These are especially useful if your primary waste materials are either cardboard, paper, fabric, or plastic. Not only will this save on space and allow you to choose the ideal place for the baler, you will also save money from the sale of recyclable bales which in turn contributes to the smooth and efficient running of business as you start seeing returns on your investment.

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