Used Static Compactors for Sale

Thetford T4x for Refurb

Buying used compactors ensures a cheaper price overall and a guarantee that the machinery works well and has been refurbished to a high condition. At Compact & Bale we offer a range of refurbished compactors. These are located in our site’s ‘remanufactured’ tab which features both compactors and balers. The purpose of this section is to give new life and a new home to old machinery that is far from seeing its last days in operation. You may be looking to give an old compactor a new lease on life!

Take Durapac’s 5030 compactor – a tight machine at around 2.5 metres in height and 76 centimetres in width, the 5030 enables users to spend less of their time on waste handling and more of their time on more productive tasks (after all, the main bulk of a customer’s workload tends not to be dealing with an influx of waste; the more time you can save on this process, the better). With its small footprint, you might be forgiven for assuming this compactor has a small amount to offer in the realm of compaction, however, this could not be further from the truth. The 5030 operates at a high rate of compaction (a ratio of up to 10:1) which means fewer transports are required by skip collectors, thereby lowering costs and CO2 emissions as a result. Additionally, the 5030 comes with an optional bag lifter to eliminate the need for manual heavy lifting which can prove strenuous and possibly injure staff if not handled in the correct manner.

Refurbished Waste Bag Compactor

In terms of larger used compactors, the refurbished Durapac CB1250 is used widely by warehouses and manufacturers, as well as retailers and hospitals for the sheer capacity it has at its disposal. With a huge infeed of 1250 x 1500mm, this compactor has the power to administer 26 tonnes of pressure, boasting an easy loading process and accommodating payloads of mixed general waste, cardboard, paper and dry mixed recycling (DMR).
Durapac’s CB28 is similar in this respect, allowing for around 10 tonnes of waste through an oversized infeed aperture. This compactor is designed for large sites and large volumes of material, utilising twin cross-over cylinders to minimise its footprint and reduce waiting times in staff labour efforts, therefore contributing to a smoother work and disposal flow.

Second Hand Waste Compactors

Another compactor that may be pertinent to examine is the refurbished CB2000 by Durapac – another heavy-duty machine adept at handling high volumes of waste. The CB2000 is able to be loaded by hand, machine, bin, tipper, extraction and conveyor which makes it quite flexible in where it can be located on-site.

Our refurbishment includes a full strip down, shot blast and respray of machines, as well as testing and resealing on all cylinders. Motors, pumps, valves and all components are tested and replaced as required also.