How Do I Choose the Right Waste Compactor?

The right waste compactor for your business will be different to the right compactor for somebody else’s business. It all depends on your needs; so ask yourself: “Why do I need a compactor?”
Our range of compactors differ from one to the next and with so much to choose from, the pressure to make the correct decision – to choose the machine with the correct features – can be daunting. But not to worry; in this article we will explore and break down some possible options regarding compactor types and questions you may want to ask yourself before fully committing to one model.

Model AS Portable

How much space do you have?

The first thing to establish when considering which compactor to buy or rent is how much space on your premises you have to accommodate a compactor. Where a lot of these machines are rather sizeable, sometimes it can be tricky to fit them within certain sites and it is not uncommon for potential customers to overestimate the amount of free space they actually have. However, we do supply smaller models if size proves to be an issue. These smaller compactor models are usually quite favourable amongst clients who need compactors for office or shop spaces.


Does your compactor need to travel?

We stock portable compactors, as well as an array of static compactors. The question of whether yours needs to make any journeys tends to be a simple one that is easily answered. You may need a portable compactor if you’re travelling to events in different locations. A static compactor however, is more likely going to stay in the same place for the foreseeable future and so is suited to warehouses, offices, and retail outlets or parks. Alternatively, a generator can also work with a compactor to provide power in isolated areas with no accessible power outlets.


How much waste do you produce?

You should take into account the volume of waste you’re producing, as well as the shape of it and if it tends to be waste composed of one material or many, as this will determine whether you need a compactor that is used to dealing with multiple waste types. If, for example, you’re often throwing out large cardboard boxes, these may prove difficult to fit in a compactor with a smaller infeed relative to a larger model. As compactors often vary in capacity, it is also important to know how much waste needs disposing of on a regular basis (which can vary from daily to weekly to monthly). This can also help with timing and saving on staff labour overall.


Asking yourself these questions will give you a good baseline from which to make an informed decision about which compactor you need. Our website also has a filter feature, which allows you to select the key properties you need to give you the best result the first time. You can filter by waste material, weekly volume of waste produced, and by type of machine. Each compactor has a set of specifications to help you understand the capabilities and functions, thereby providing you with the knowledge to make the right purchase.