Clothes Baler For Sale

Against a blank background stands the BP18 baler with its door open. The inside of the machine is empty.

A major factor that can be overlooked in the discussion on balers is the extent of just what you can use them for. Of course, the general consensus is that balers are highly useful in the baling of recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper and plastics, and though these materials are a primary reason for needing a baler in the first place, one material that can often be overlooked is clothing and fabric and yet this is a material that is often disposed of in large bulk quantities. Clothing is another highly useful source of recycling that can’t often be disposed of in the basic ways – for example: disposal through your regular recycling bins – and if you’ve found your business has an excess of fabric waste in the form of old or useless clothing, the opportunity to reduce the volume of this waste and make some money in the process can be greatly helpful.

The BP18 is such a baler for all clothing disposal needs. Capable of holding up to 280kg of material, the reduction of negative space when it comes to clothing and fabric means many more items can be baled at once. Similarly, the BP28 baler offers the same benefits with more space available if you have a very large quantity of clothing material, coming in at a huge 350kg maximum capacity.

Strautmann’s BP18 baler values from £12,267.70 with the idea being that each baler, when purchased, is an investment that pays for itself over time through the sale of bales and reduction of skip disposal. Although it may be that you only need a baler for a specified period of time; in this case, the BP18 is available for hire at £70 per week.
What with the BP28 model baler being a bit more sizeable in terms of its capacity, this machine is priced from £12,928.21 outright, or is able to be rented on a weekly basis for £83.90 per week.


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