Space-Saving Balers

When it comes to saving space, a baler can be a top priority for those looking to cut down on waste volume. But what about when you don’t have much space to spare in the first place? You may need a baler that’s more discreet – one that does what you need of it without sacrificing on floor space. That said, if you’re looking for a baler for a large site – perhaps a commercial construction site with a large amount of outgoing waste – you may have to sacrifice on space in order to accommodate it.

Beginning with an obvious choice in space-saving, Strautmann’s BP3 mini baler boasts a modest maximum bale weight of around 70kg, with a length of 1064mm, a width of 800mm, and a height of 1944mm. This baler is ideal for businesses that find they have an influx of cardboard, paper or plastic waste that needs controlling in a small environment.


A less obvious choice, you might think, is the MK700 Twin baler, equipped with dual chambers for the baling of two materials at once. With bale weights of up to 60kg, the MK700 may take up more space than the mini baler, although the trade-off is the ability to maximise efficiency with the simultaneous baling of multiple materials which saves on space and time overall.

Top down view of the MK700 Twin shows a large grey device placed over the middle of its top. The device is adorned with different coloured buttons. To the left, cardboard can be seen inside the machine; to the right, plastic can be seen in the machine.

In the realm of small balers, Strautmann also produce the BP10: an efficient machine that fills fewer skips, generating bales of up to 120kg in a body of 1200mm lengthways, 800mm wide and 2410mm tall. Administering a pressing force of 10 tonnes, the BP10 is adept and specialised in the baling of cardboard, paper, and plastics all while fitting snugly within your site.

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