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Retail Successes: The Power of Collaborative Waste Management

When a shopping center collaborates with a leading waste management and commodities handling partner, the advantages are substantial: ✅️ Streamlined Waste Management✅️ Cost-Efficiency✅️ Diversified Revenue Streams✅️ Reduced Operational Costs✅️ Enhanced Operational Efficiency✅️ Alleviated Vehicle and Logistics Challenges for Brand/Retail Partners✅️ Decreased Noise Complaints from Local Residents✅️ Markedly Improved Environmental Sustainability✅️ Adherence to Waste Regulations✅️ Advanced […]

Compact & Bale Sees Third AutoLoadBaler Installed at Contract Candles

Compact & Bale (C&B), a renowned company specialising in cutting-edge recycling solutions, has been awarded a contract to supply their ground-breaking AutoLoadBaler machine to Contract Candles Portsmouth, an esteemed British family-owned manufacturer of candles and diffusers known for their exceptional work. This collaboration is a testament to Contract Candles’ dedication to sustainability, as it marks their third […]

How Buying a Compactor Could Save Time & Resources

What could your waste and recycling business do with the time and money saved on 312 driver hours and 156 journeys per annum? This is exactly what Kent’s leading independent waste and recycling business, Countrystyle Recycling Ltd are currently contemplating the purchase of a fully refurbished Durapac CB35HD static compactor from Compact & Bale which […]
Gigabaler customer appreciation

Customer appreciation for the Strautmann GIGABALER

I visited one of our customers this afternoon at a distribution centre in the Midlands. The site operations manager couldn’t say enough good things about our Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH unique and patented GIGABALER. It sits off a standard loading dock door and is fed from an internal waste conveyor producing beautiful 550kg bales that they […]
Strautmann Baletainer

Clothing retailer upgrades to Strautmann BaleTainer

Our Compact and Bale service team completed this installation recently in Nottingham. The customer is a well known clothing retailer generating 1000s of cardboard clothing boxes each day from their pick and pack operation. For some years they’ve had one of our Durapac closed end semi automatic balers but as their business has grown, so […]
Comppact and bale highest quality refurbishments

Compact and Bale quality refurbishments

Compact and Bale have an enviable reputation for the highest quality refurbishments! Our workshop and service team really do care and are proud of their work. And they do a noble job indeed.. They bring victory from tragedyThey turn old into newThe turn back time, reset the clock They produce the finest RECYCLED RECYCLING MACHINERY! […]
Compact & Bale’s CB44 semi-automatic/horizontal baler with photo cell and hopper.

O2 Arena & Bywaters choose Compact & Bale Horizontal Baler

The O2 Arena which hosts concerts from the world’s top stars and elite sporting events continues its investment into its sustainability in partnership with Bywaters Waste Management. Bywaters who are based locally to the O2 at Lea Riverside, first met Compact & Bale at the London Excel Facilities Show in 2017, where the firm’s equipment, […]
Autoload baler

Hilti chooses Innovative cardboard baler, The AutoLoad Baler, for Scotland Tool Repair Centre!

Hilti purchases cardboard baling innovation, The AutoLoad Baler® (ALB), for its Scotland tool repair centre. Hilti as a business services the professional construction industry offering software for design, products and tools for work onsite, training, testing and consultancy. The ALB which provides significant savings to sites producing mid to large volumes of cardboard, has seen […]
Portable waste compactor

New Portable Waste Compactor & Strautmann Baler At Stevenage Shopping Centre

Retail is a challenging environment for many businesses, including their waste production which can often vary significantly resulting in particular pressure on the service partners to find practicable solutions that provide positive outcomes for all brand partners objectives. Westgate Shopping Centre in Stevenage is home to 35 retailers, including coffee shops and restaurants, which produce […]
Plastic Swarf Baler

Used Balers from Compact and Bale provide the answer for Westley Plastic

Westley Plastics is the UK’s leading manufacturer of cast nylon and plastic components, with over 50 years’ experience in delivering engineering plastics for heavy industrial applications. In May of 2019 Compact & Bale (C&B) were contacted to discuss options for replacement balers. The current models in place at the time were not creating a solid […]

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