New Portable Waste Compactor & Strautmann Baler At Stevenage Shopping Centre

Portable waste compactor

Retail is a challenging environment for many businesses, including their waste production which can often vary significantly resulting in particular pressure on the service partners to find practicable solutions that provide positive outcomes for all brand partners objectives.

Westgate Shopping Centre in Stevenage is home to 35 retailers, including coffee shops and restaurants, which produce a variety of waste streams. Whilst this Centre has tenants who are all environmentally focused, they naturally still produce significant quantities of challenging waste and quite often it is challenging because it is co-mingled through no fault of their own.

This Centre is a long-time customer of Compact & Bale and over the last year has renewed it partnership with the business, including replacing its aging waste compaction equipment.

The Solutions

Compact & Bale supplied 1 x newly refurbished portable waste compactor, with the aim of hitting payloads of 12 tonnes, being the legal road limit for a three axle rollonoff vehicle.

Portable waste compactor

By upgrading to the right model, the Centre has reduced its transport costs by more than 50%, having moved from a smaller 6 tonne machine to a 12 tonne machine. Such savings as these are common for clients of Compact & Bale and normally result in said savings being diverted to special projets or passed back to tenants as savings on the service charge budget.

This particular model is fitted with a 1100 litre bin tipper, to allow for quick and efficient disposal of waste for the sites operational team. Ensuring no significant manual handling is required when dealing with the waste and allowing their operatives to spend more time on other duties.

Portable waste compactor

Positive Outcomes

The mix of waste from this machine is deposited to a manual recovery facility, where the recyclables are recovered as the waste proceeds through the picking line. The residual waste is shredded and sent for residual derived fuel (RDF), which is incinerated for energy. This process provides a greater energy feed to the grid, rather than when incinerated loose.

Equally of importance, no waste is sent to landfill.

The Centre also invested in balers for its cardboard and plastic waste, which is easily recovered at the point of production. Compact & Bale organises the collection and onward recycling of the bales. The cardboard will be used to produce new packaging materials, whilst the plastic is used to make new films and consumer goods.

Cardboard baler

These solutions provides the Centre with a straight forward operation, whilst achieving both their objectives and those of the tenants and brand partners. Simple, efficient, cost effective and most importantly, environmentally sustainable.

Maximising recovery, reducing emissions, minimising the loss of valuable finite resource.

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