7-Year Success: How a Bespoke Food Waste Compactor Saved a County Council Thousands Daily

A large green and purple food compactor stands outside with scaffolding and safety fences around it.

Seven years ago, a pivotal moment took place in the waste management landscape of a UK county council. Compact and Bale installed a bespoke food waste compactor that would go on to positively remodel the council’s waste collection and management system. Today, we take a closer look at this remarkable journey and the significant impact it has had on both finances and the environment.

A large green and purple food compactor stands outside with scaffolding and safety fences around it.

Compact and Bale’s partnership with the county council began with the idea to consolidate the collection of general waste and food waste into a single site, streamlining operations and reducing costs. This led to the installation of a bespoke food waste compactor, marking a turning point in the council’s waste management practices.

With the new waste compactor in place, the council’s fleet of dust carts can now efficiently collect both general waste and food waste from households, delivering them to a single tipping site. This consolidation of waste streams eliminated the need for multiple trips to separate locations, greatly enhancing operations.


The financial results of this innovative approach were nothing short of astonishing. The cost savings achieved were calculated at over £3,000 per day, a substantial figure that brought about rapid payback on the machinery investment. In a matter of months, the council had recouped its initial outlay, leaving them with significant ongoing savings.

This financial boost allowed the council to allocate resources to other essential services and projects, ultimately benefiting the community they serve. It’s a prime example of how investing in innovative waste management solutions can not only be environmentally responsible but also financially sound.


While the financial gains were impressive, the environmental benefits of this initiative are equally significant. Over the past seven years, the carbon savings achieved through the consolidation of waste streams are beyond measure. By reducing the number of waste collection trips required, the council has made a substantial contribution to lowering its overall carbon footprint.

Less fuel consumption and landfill waste, along with a reduction in vehicle emissions all contribute to a healthier environment for the county and a brighter future for the planet. This project underscores the vital role waste management plays in achieving sustainability goals and protecting our natural resources.


If your organisation has been grappling with the challenges of inefficient waste management, perhaps it’s time to consider a more innovative approach. Don’t let an expensive “hole in your bucket” continue to leak cash from your bottom line. Instead, take a proactive step towards cost savings and environmental stewardship.

We can assess your unique needs and tailor a bespoke solution to sharpen your waste management processes. Contact us today and join us in the journey towards a greener, more cost-effective future.