Compact & Bale Sees Third AutoLoadBaler Installed at Contract Candles

Compact & Bale (C&B), a renowned company specialising in cutting-edge recycling solutions, has been awarded a contract to supply their ground-breaking AutoLoadBaler machine to Contract Candles Portsmouth, an esteemed British family-owned manufacturer of candles and diffusers known for their exceptional work. This collaboration is a testament to Contract Candles’ dedication to sustainability, as it marks their third facility to adopt waste compactors and recycling balers from Compact & Bale, substantially supporting their eco-friendly aspirations.

By integrating the AutoLoadBaler into their daily operations, Contract Candles has experienced remarkable cost reductions through efficient recycling of their cardboard waste. Additionally, the sale of their baled materials generates revenue and profits for the company. These recyclables, when presented in a baled format, can be treated as commodities, which C&B then purchases and forwards to re-processors and manufacturers for the creation of new products. Effectively, Contract Candles is being rewarded for their commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental practices.

Moreover, this advanced solution enhances operational efficiency by minimising labour-intensive processes and eliminating unnecessary waste. The reduction in manual handling injuries can lead to fewer instances of staff sickness and insurance claims. Furthermore, the utilisation of the AutoLoadBaler enables more external on-site material storage, maintaining a tidy facility and reducing fire risks. Notably, it significantly curtails vehicle movements and pollution, as well as disruptions to the dispatch operation.

The AutoLoadBaler is the world’s only baler of its kind, making it uniquely advantageous for distribution businesses, retailers, manufacturers, or any company dealing with substantial volumes of cardboard waste. This innovation is particularly beneficial for businesses that either pay for cardboard disposal or receive no compensation for it.

This machine operates through a distinctive cart system, with strategically placed carts acting as efficient bins throughout the facility. Once filled, a staff member loads the cart into the baler’s side, takes a spare cart, and resumes work. The AutoLoadBaler then automatically feeds and compresses the materials, creating compact ‘bales’ weighing between 400-500kg. This automated process saves Contract Candles thousands of hours annually and allows all staff to focus on core value-creating activities. As a result, the AutoLoadBaler is projected to achieve a return on investment within a mere 12 months, followed by continued profits for the next 24 years. These profits can be invested for compound gains and growth rather than being squandered on unnecessary tasks.

To facilitate the efficient movement of materials around the site to the baler, C&B has supplied additional carts to other Contract Candles locations. Unlike regular waste bins, these carts are thoughtfully designed to be slightly taller and less wide than standard 1100-litre bins, optimising the use of space on-site.

Compact & Bale remains at the forefront of recycling technology, consistently providing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses across various industries. Customers have the flexibility to purchase machines outright or lease/rent them on favourable terms. In addition to baling machines Compact & Bale have provided waste compactors to Contract Candles which allows the business to remove all their general waste bins, saving huge amounts on bins or skips which, when uncompacted, are particularly costly as the price for the bin is irrelevant of weight. As a result, they pay a comparatively low and transparent disposal rate by the tonne, allowing the business to accurately report on its waste production volume. This further demonstrates Compact & Bale’s commitment to innovation and empowering organisations in their pursuit to reduce costs, increase revenues and bottom lines, and work towards a greener and more sustainable future.