How Buying a Compactor Could Save Time & Resources

What could your waste and recycling business do with the time and money saved on 312 driver hours and 156 journeys per annum?

This is exactly what Kent’s leading independent waste and recycling business, Countrystyle Recycling Ltd are currently contemplating the purchase of a fully refurbished Durapac CB35HD static compactor from Compact & Bale which they have supplied to a Kent-based distribution company on long-term hire.

A sensible question to raise in instances like this could be: “Why would a waste company who charge for each skip collection be happy with reducing their chargeable journeys by 75%?”
The assumption is that they would want to keep the wheels turning and the drivers earning, right?

When presented with this question, Countrystyle’s Dan Windibank weighed in, saying: “Not in today’s world! Our customer now segregates their waste cardboard into a compactor that we empty once a week, not four. This allows us to operate more efficiently and to pay a fair rebate rather than charging a fortune for transporting 1 tonne payloads. Our customer is saving and earning more than the compactor rental costs them, so they’re happy!”

Dan went on to speak of the further benefits that cutting down on the number of journeys taken has had for their client: “The icing on the cake for us in today’s world where drivers’ hours are hard to find and our operations team are working overtime to meet our customers’ needs, is that we’ve freed up 3 jobs a week that we can now use profitably for other customers”.

So it would seem there are winners on all sides of this transaction! If you find your waste company is trying to keep up with high quantity and high demand, get in touch today and speak to one of our professionals; we may be able to help you retain long-term work, keep customers happy with good service and rebates, and free up your driving time for better service and new work.