Used Balers from Compact and Bale provide the answer for Westley Plastic

Plastic Swarf Baler

Westley Plastics is the UK’s leading manufacturer of cast nylon and plastic components, with over 50 years’ experience in delivering engineering plastics for heavy industrial applications.

In May of 2019 Compact & Bale (C&B) were contacted to discuss options for replacement balers. The current models in place at the time were not creating a solid bale which would fall apart on ejection. This led to material having to be re-baled on site, or by their collection partner. This issue impacts payloads on the collection vehicle as bales can not be stacked properly and with the lower bale weights, both lead to reduced tonnage and a lower rebate paid for the material.

It is also common practice if a third-party station has to re-bale material, that rebates paid are significantly reduced due to the labour, time and capital equipment required. The best solution is direct sale to market and in this instance, to businesses that will granulate the material for sale to manufacturers.

Other third party ‘baler specialists’ had suggested that site upgrade to a horizontal baler, stating that they wouldn’t be able to achieve a solid bale in a vertical baler due to the material. This was factually incorrect having not identified (or perhaps intentionally omitted) that their current baler had a significantly lower press force. Typically, a horizontal baler will cost 3-4 x that of a standard mill size vertical baler.

The horizontal machine would have had to be situated externally, increasing labour requirement as its away from the point of production and the material would have blown around the yard, impacting the local environment.

Horizontal baler.
The type of baler being recommended. C&B Stock Photo

Based on the initial questions asked and photos supplied of the material, C&B were able to identify remotely the challenges faced by this customer and immediately outline a solution. The recommendation given and final solution installed was a 54-tonne press force used baler, that was refurbished at a Compact & Bale workshop.

Plastic Swarf Baler
Plastic Swarf Baler
Plastic Swarf Baler
The appropriate and final solution.

As part of our hire fleet offering of used balers, Westley Plastics is open to upgrading the machine or switching out for a different model as the business grows. Equally should its waste production change, the customer will always have a supportive partner ready to assist with an extensive fleet of machines.

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