Retail Successes: The Power of Collaborative Waste Management


When a shopping center collaborates with a leading waste management and commodities handling partner, the advantages are substantial:

✅️ Streamlined Waste Management
✅️ Cost-Efficiency
✅️ Diversified Revenue Streams
✅️ Reduced Operational Costs
✅️ Enhanced Operational Efficiency
✅️ Alleviated Vehicle and Logistics Challenges for Brand/Retail Partners
✅️ Decreased Noise Complaints from Local Residents
✅️ Markedly Improved Environmental Sustainability
✅️ Adherence to Waste Regulations
✅️ Advanced Employee Training
✅️ Mitigated Risk of Accidents and Incidents
✅️ Elevated Employee Job Satisfaction

Consider a typical retail destination’s performance over a standard 12-month period:

Cardboard Recycled: 540 tonnes
Plastic Recycled: 150 tonnes

Rebate Earned on All Recycled Materials: £90,854.1 (excluding VAT)


Now, contemplate the fact that each tonne of contaminated or improperly segregated waste, when put through a waste compactor, costs the business an average of £136 (excl.VAT). Uncompacted bins and your waste costs rocket – at Compact & Bale, we’ve seen annual bills 25 times higher for destinations that are inefficient versus those that are.

If the materials mentioned above weren’t recycled, the business would not only miss out on £90,854.10 in revenue but also incur £93,840 in disposal expenses, along with an additional approximate of £12,937.50 in hauling costs.

Would you prefer to have £90,854.10 in revenue contributing to your bottom line, or would you rather deal with £106,777.50 in additional costs eating into your profits?

Moreover, consider that when you opt for the cheapest waste management provider based solely on bin rates, per-ton rates, or disposal fees, there is a hidden cost associated with every tonne of waste that isn’t recycled. Ironically, traditional waste providers often charge for general waste disposal while extracting recyclables on their end. It’s crucial, therefore, to partner with a company that collaborates with you at the site level to ensure segregation, control measures, and best practices are implemented and upheld.

We ensure our waste contracts run optimally, maximising revenue for our clients. When you consider these factors, we emerge as the lowest cost-to-profit provider.

Our team collaborates with local environmental and waste champions to improve the quality of these materials, increasing their value to your business. Our reports, generated by a top university, outline key metrics for every tonne of recycled waste.

We haven’t even touched on the operational savings achieved by installing cutting-edge, labour-saving equipment, allowing your center to reallocate resources to more profitable activities. We’ll delve into this topic in a future post, as our waste equipment solutions are extensive.

Retail outlets have chosen Compact & Bale as their equipment and service providers over the past two decades. Contact us today to find out more about why that is.