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CB-S Channel Balers

Our entry level series, typically producing bales of 250-500kg at throughputs of up to 6 tph.

The Durapac CB-S range of small footprint, fully automatic balers are the ideal solution for production sites, warehouses, distribution centres, etc. seeking to automate previously manual waste handling and baling.

With their 710 x 1300mm feed aperture and high press force that, depending on motor/power choice and materials, will process 3-6 tonnes per hour, producing dense bales weighing up to 500kg.

Key features

  • Small footprint
  • 250-500kg bale weights
  • 750 x 750 x 900~1200mm bale size
  • 3-6 tph throughput
  • 710 x 1300mm feed aperture
  • 40/50t press force
  • 15/22.5/30kW motor options
  • 20 years+ proven manufacturer
  • Hardox/castellated floor
  • Fully CE compliant
Bale Weights
250kg - 500kg
Material To Recycle
Cardboard / Paper, PET Bottles / Drinks Cans, Plastic / Film
Weekly Volume

The Durapac CB-S Channel Baler is a high quality, continuous feed, fully automatic baler with a small footprint, large feed aperture and high press force that, dependent on motor/power choice, will process typically 3-6 tph of cardboard, paper, polythene film, etc.

Its heavy duty build quality, components and proven design ensure reliable performance, low OPEX and a long working life.

The Human interface/control panel incorporates full error diagnostics, intuitive controls and multi material programming. This guarantees easy operation, troubleshooting and simple maintenance.

Ideal for material baling at sites such as manufacturing plants, printing companies, distribution centres/warehouses and recycling/shredding facilities, the Durapac CB-S Channel Baler offers easy and safe operation and high performance.

In Summary

  • 20 years+ proven manufacturer
  • Hardox/castellated floor for long and durable life
  • Bespoke machine build specific to your needs
  • Low maintenance, low OPEX design
  • Unique tying system prevents wire slip and jams
  • Horizontal/vertical/cross tie options
  • Easy access press ram
  • Manufactured from Japanese steel
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Parker hydraulics
  • Human operator interface/controls
  • Remotely programmable
  • Interlocked maintenance access doors
  • Raised bale floor for ease of cleaning
  • Fully CE compliant
  • Wide range of loading hoppers/chutes
  • Over side or rear feed conveyors – in or above floor
  • PET piercers and newspaper/magazine preconditioners
  • Automatic de-blocking system
  • Wheelie bin tippers/safety cages
  • Wire coils or formers
  • Vertical/horizontal/cross tie
  • Various bale run out tables
  • Hardox steel upgrades

All models come with options of horizontal, vertical or cross wire tie.

Press force 40/50t
Motor power 15/22.5/30kW
Bale size (W x H x L) 750 x 750 x 900~1200mm
Bale density 250-500kg
Main cylinder diameter 150/180 x 1800mm
Opening size 710 x 1300mm
Layout dimension 6800 x 2700 x 3100mm
Number of wire ties 4 vertical, 4 horizontal
Oil reservoir 600L
Throughput approx 3-5/4-6/5-8 tonnes per hour
Machine weight 8-9t

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Estimated Weekly Volumes

Based on a 50kg per m3 material density
Visual Size Guide
1100L bin
55kg approx.
8 yard skip
300kg approx.
16 yard skip
600kg approx.
40 yard skip
1500kg approx.