What is a Self-Compacting Container?

The term ‘self-compacting container’ refers to a compactor with a hydraulic press that is able to apply a tremendous amount of pressure to waste, reducing frequent skip collection and reducing CO2 emissions as a result.

These machines tend to discourage scavengers, reduce rodent or insect infestation, cut down on bad odours, prevent windblown trash, as well as a host of other bonuses.

What we offer

As an entry level self-compacting container, we have the Model AS skip from Ludden & Mennekes, as well as the Model APK skip. In the case of the APK, its curved bottom ensures liquid does not sit stagnant at the base.

The Model RPK compactor serves a similar function to the APK, with the difference being that the RPK is a lot larger, capable of holding up to twelve tonnes of waste, as opposed to the APK’s five tonne capacity.

If you find you’re disposing of large and rigid pieces of waste, such as pallets or plasterboard, the Model L compactor is such a machine for the job. Capable of holding up to twelve tonnes of waste, this portable compactor deals in waste of all types, utilising twin-cylinders and a straight push ram to ensure as much waste is being disposed of as possible before skip collection.