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Model RPK Roro Portable Compactor

A fully sealed, mobile, high capacity, self-cleaning compactor.

The Ludden & Mennekes RPK has a large infeed aperture, fast cycle time, can be loaded in a variety of ways and is suitable for food waste, wet waste, offensive waste etc.

Its key benefit is that it requires no cleaning of built-up waste from behind the rams/the inspection hatch area.

Key Features

  • Pendulum compaction ram system
  • No cleaning required
  • Cylinders housed in upper sides of the machine
  • Low oil level/high temperature automatic shut down
  • Various loading hopper designs for ground/dock feeding by hand, bin lift, tip skip, etc.
  • Fast 35 second cycle time
  • High 37 tonne compaction force
  • Fully sealed, heavy duty design rear discharge door with safety chain/ratchet lock system
Compactor Type
Waste Material
Cardboard / Paper, DMR / Recyclables, General Waste, Wet / Food
Weekly Volume

Ludden & Mennekes’ RPK range of sealed portable compactors are high quality German built machines, designed for sites with medium to large volumes of waste.

When full, they are collected by a hooklift lorry for transport to disposal, typically holding 8-12 tonnes, depending on materials.

Using a self-cleaning pendulum ram, the RPK is specifically designed to compact wet, food, organic and offensive waste.

With container sizes ranging from 14-24m3, the RPK portable compactor offers high performance, small footprint and low maintenance.

It can be sited on tarmac, block-paving, rough ground, etc. as it does not require permanent fixings.

Its design completely avoids any possibility of waste and liquids building up behind the ram, which entirely removes the need for unpleasant cleaning and reduces the risk of expensive breakdowns and repairs.

As standard, all RPK compactors have:

  • A press force of 37 tonnes
  • A fast 35 second cycle time
  • Filling level warnings (75% and/or 100%)
  • A very quiet running hydraulic pump
  • High quality steel compaction chamber floor
  • Surface lacquered finish (including corrosion Protection Class C 3)
  • Continuously welded seams = prevents corrosion
  • Integrated hydraulic unit located in the top front part of the container
  • Pressure monitoring manometer with shut-off valve
  • CEE plug with integrated phase change & main switch
  • Time relay for controlling the runtime of the compactor
  • Declaration of conformity & documentation
  • CE and GS approved

They are offered with a choice of side or top hung rear door, rubber seals to prevent leaks and optional liquid drain-off valves.


  • Hopper designs to suit various loading methods from ground and dock level
  • Bin tipping systems from ground and dock level for 120-1100L bin sizes
  • Bespoke tipping systems for dolav bins, pallets, cages, etc.
  • GSM alarm systems / GPS module
  • Auto start/stop overfill photocells
  • Water drain with ball valve or screwed plug
  • Water spraying device
  • Odour-suppression system
  • Remote control in various designs
Container capacity 14m3 16m3 18m3 20m3 22m3 24m3
Clear container length 4545/ 4635mm 4725/ 4935mm 5125/ 5335mm 5335/ 5585mm 5665/ 6135mm 6025/ 6535mm
Max length 5045/ 5115mm 5245/ 5455mm 5645/ 5855mm 5855/ 6105mm 6185/ 6655mm 6545/ 7055mm
Net weight 4100kg 4250kg 4400kg 4550kg 4700kg 4850kg

All compactors in this series

Max height 2600mm
Max width 2500mm
Filling opening H 1410mm
Filling opening W 1710mm
Filling opening L 1180mm
Compaction ram H 280mm
Compaction ram W 1950mm
Compaction ram dipping depth 250mm
Time per working stroke 35 seconds
Volume per stroke 0.7m3
Volume per hour 72m3
Pressing force 37t
Overall weight 15,000kg

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Estimated Weekly Volumes

Based on a 50kg per m3 material density
Visual Size Guide
1100L bin
55kg approx.
8 yard skip
300kg approx.
16 yard skip
600kg approx.
40 yard skip
1500kg approx.