What Are the Best Plastic Balers?

There are a range of plastic balers to choose from. Of course, what is best for you depends on your needs and what type of plastic you’re disposing of, which is where we can help. There is no reason to purchase or hire a baler that can hold up to 400kg in waste if your output often only reaches around 50-100kg.

Take Strautmann’s BP10 baler as an example. This standard ten-tonne vertical baler deals in plastic film only, up to the weight of 120kg, taking up a modest 1200 x 800mm of floor space, perfect for offices or workshops.
Although, your plastic waste may not amount to anywhere near 120kg at the end of the week or month. Strautmann also feature the BP3, a useful solution for any site that produces a small amount of plastic waste but still needs to keep it in check. The BP3 can contain up to 60kg of plastic film waste, reducing the number of bins or skips you fill by up to 90%.


You may find, however, that your output of plastic waste is ranging upwards of 400kg, which can be a common occurrence amongst large construction sites or similar environments. Strautmann’s mill sized BP53 holds up to 450kg and – unlike smaller models – can handle tougher, more rigid plastics such as mushroom trays.

For plastic foams and more rigid forms of plastic, the ideal baler takes form in the PP1208. This Power Pack baler is a super-heavyweight, mill sized machine, capable of producing bales of up to 500kg. It is low energy and high efficiency, making use of a 5.5kW motor to apply high pressure to plastic waste, reducing the total amount of wasted space in typical skips which often need regular pickups and consequently contributing more to CO2 emissions.
The horizontal CB50 semi auto baler also operates within similar parameters. Ideal for businesses producing a large volume of all types of plastic waste, the CB50 can generate bales of up to 450kg, utilising a charge box big enough for signs, trays, and waste bins.

The front of the PP128 baler stands with its door ajar. A large compacted cube of plastic bottles sits against it. A man stands to the left looking down.

If you have different types of plastic that need recycling, the horizontal MK1100 twin long stroke baler covers four chambers for different materials. If, for example, you had HPC plastics piling up alongside PET plastics (perhaps in the form of film, foam and bottles), the MK1100 allows for both of these materials to be baled separately and if you wanted to go further and divide by plastic type and product, the four chambers will give you this advantage.

Angled front view of the MK1100 Twin Long Stroke baler in blue. A large grey device with three rods protruding from the top sits atop the middle of the long baler.

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