Cardboard Balers for Sale Near You

We have a range of cardboard balers to suit your needs, delivered directly to you. To gain a more accurate insight into exactly how long it would take from purchase to delivery, feel free to give us a call today and we can provide you with more information.

The baler you need will depend on factors such as the volume of cardboard you’re regularly disposing of, how much space you have to house a baler, and your budget. Luckily, we stock balers for every need.
Take Strautmann’s AutoLoadBaler for instance. Famed as ‘the time machine of waste disposal’, this reliable and hefty baler is capable of producing up to 450kg of sellable bales. Often you will need to take your cardboard to the baler, one box or sheet at a time (or however many you can safely carry by hand), however with the AutoLoadBaler comes a portable trolley that can be taken to where you need and wheeled back to be inserted into the baler to begin the baling process. This in turn saves a lot of time regarding transport to and from the machine itself. With its compact design, the AutoLoadBaler leaves less than a 5m2 footprint, perfect for areas with limited floor space.

Then again, if you have space to spare and a mountain of cardboard waste, perhaps you’re looking for something a bit bigger. With a weekly volume of around four skips worth of waste produced in the operation of the Strautmann GigaBaler, a cluttered site can be cleared up in no time at all thanks to its 24-tonne payload capacity and feed hopper designed for large sizes and high volumes of cardboard. The aim with this baler is to cut down on labour costs and increase efficiency across your working environment – the GigaBaler itself being specifically designed for operation in warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing plants.

For those with limited space, a baler that may be more suitable could be the BP10. This small machine boasts big savings and saves spaces from unruly clutter, reducing your typical waste volume by up to 90%. The BP10 uses 10 tonnes of pressure to crush cardboard into bales weighing up to 120kg and effectively minimise costs on skip pickup, as well as saving on labour.

These are just a few of the cardboard balers we stock, although we have one for every need. Give us a call today for more information and an idea of which baler is best for you.


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