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SPS “Electric Drive” Roro Portable Screw Compactor

The eco-future of waste disposal - 100% electric.

The Ludden & Menneke’s SPS portable screw compactor offers high performance compaction on a wide range of waste types including difficult materials such as pallets and crates.

With its electric drive it uses no hydraulics so is very quiet running, has zero risks of oil leaks and significantly reduced running costs as well as service and maintenance requirements.

The SPS can be continuously loaded due to its screw compaction system, making it ideal for sites requiring fast, efficient waste removal.

Key Features

  • Continuous operation screw compaction system
  • Fast, efficient and safe waste handling
  • Self-contained fully sealed unit
  • Requires no permanent fixings
  • Various loading hopper designs for ground/dock feeding by hand, bin lift, tip skip, etc.
  • Electric drive/no hydraulics
  • Low service and maintenance
  • Zero risk of oil leaks
  • Quiet running
  • Up to 50% less energy costs
  • Automatic central lubrication system with electronic monitoring
  • Freely programmable PLC controls
  • Typically reduces transport by up to 80%
  • Cut your carbon footprint
Compactor Type
Portable, Screw
Waste Material
Cardboard / Paper, DMR / Recyclables, General Waste
Weekly Volume

Ludden & Mennekes’ SPS range of portable Screw Compactors are high quality German built machines. These machines are particularly effective at crushing and compacting cardboard articles, one-way pallets, returned goods, dried foods and other waste materials where a measure of product destruction is required.

The SPS range are used in places where large quantities of residual material and recyclable raw material must be highly compacted before transport.

The highly effective compaction system ensures maximum payloads are achieved on a wide range of waste types. This therefore offers users improvements to their operational efficiency along with the highest possible reductions to transport costs and carbon footprint.

The SPS compactor is suitable for continuous loading of residual waste, organic waste and wet waste. Additionally, depending on configuration, it can be used for large-size paper and cardboard articles as well as PET.

Fitted as standard, a central lubrication system with adjustable interval automatically lubricates all required moving parts and enormously reduces the maintenance required.

With container sizes ranging from 16 and 26m3, the SPS portable screw compactor offers high performance, small footprint and low maintenance.

As an integral portable unit the SPS requires a lower upfront investment than the alternative SVS static model and its bespoke containers.

The SPS is fitted with a 5.5kW motor, pre-full and full warnings, auto-reverse when full and direct drive geared motor. With its freely programmable PLC and central greasing system, the machine is ideally suited to a range of filling options.

Due to its electric motor drive and no use of hydraulics, the SPS compactor is ideal for use in sensitive environments.

As standard, all SPS compactors have:

  • Control cabinet, including control unit in compaction direction on the right side
  • Remote control
  • Operating hours counter in the control cabinet
  • Freely programmable PLC control
  • Automatic central lubrication system with electronic monitoring
  • Times can be set
  • Automatic reversing with full message
  • Frequency converter
  • Surface painted including corrosion protection class C3
  • On/Off main switch (lockable with optional padlock) on the control cabinet
  • Fault/Reset illuminated push-button (red) on the control cabinet and remote control
  • Emergency Stop push-button on the control cabinet and remote control
  • Screw On/Retour rotary selector switch on the remote control
  • 75% full indicator lamp (yellow) on the remote control
  • 100% full indicator lamp (red) on the remote control
  • Several lid variants
  • Pendulum flap instead of the series door over the discharge opening
  • Liquid-tight design
  • Light barriers as start device and/or as overfill prevention device
  • Ultrasonic probes as start device
  • GSM – alarm system / GPS – module
  • Several design variants (eg for ramp operation)
  • Several variants of remote control
  • Varying pull-in equipment (eg for wood, PET, or PPK)
  • Attached bin tipper for all usual large waste containers as well as special containers
  • Rope and/or chain support block additionally or instead of the standard hook retainer
  • Warning signs as per VkBl 82/10
SP 16 S SP 18 S SP 20 S SP 23 S SP 26 S
Container capacity 16m3 18m3 20m3 23m3 26m3
Clear container length 5000mm 5140mm 5610mm 6300mm 6850mm
Max length 5520mm 5930mm 6130mm 6820mm 7370mm
Net weight 4300kg 4500kg 4800kg 5100kg 5300kg

All compactors in this series

Max height 2600mm
Max width 2500mm
Filling opening H 1630mm
Filling opening W 1900mm
Filling opening L 1400mm
Ø of the screw (from to)
800-500 seconds
Overall weight 15,000kg

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Estimated Weekly Volumes

Based on a 50kg per m3 material density
Visual Size Guide
1100L bin
55kg approx.
8 yard skip
300kg approx.
16 yard skip
600kg approx.
40 yard skip
1500kg approx.