What are the Best Small Balers?

Our small sized balers are made to bring about a sense of order and control. Though not totally up for the job of baling tougher objects – such as mushroom trays, which tend to need compactors – they are adept at handling plastic film, cardboard and paper. The aim is to cut down on skip collection, CO2 levels and segregate recycling effectively.

So, which is the best small baler? This depends on what materials you’re most regularly disposing of and at what volume. Strautmann’s range of mini balers are ideal for low volume cardboard, paper, plastic, and polythene film. The BP3 is capable of taking on up to 60kg of material in one bale, contributing to a 90% reduction in the use and collection of bins.

Another option is the BP10 baler, designed for small sites that find their waste gets on top of them. The BP10 holds up to 120kg of waste material, well designed to handle a range of materials and reducing the risk of fires and workplace accidents brought about by loose waste. This baler saves on time and maximises efficiency by a considerable margin.


Strautmann also produce another small baler: the MK700 twin. This space saver comes equipped with dual chambers, meaning two types of recyclable waste can be stored at once. This baler is highly beneficial when it comes to sites that deal in various materials – for example, you may produce both cardboard and plastic film waste in equal quantities.

The ‘best’ baler will ultimately come down to your own personal preference and what feels like the best bet for your business. Of course, the end result is less clutter and less stress for you and your team.

MK700 Twin

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